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Trash Pipe: BUMMER – “Freedom Cobra”

Posted in Random Riffage with tags , , , on March 20, 2017 by Ben

BUMMER are nasty 3 piece from Kansas City who I found out about after they signed on to tour with WHORES this spring. They just released a new track, “Freedom Cobra”, following up another track they released in October of last year, “King Shit”.

Both of these are fuckin’ new age rippers with a potent cocktail of sludge, grind, hardcore, punk and knuckle-dragging. The riff on “King Shit” in particular, licks its fingers and jams them deep in your lizard brain, getting that neck loose. It’s abrasive, chest-pounding beer swill that has got me plenty stoked for their trip to Toronto.

Catch their upcoming split with PINKO on April 7th or see them on tour with WHORES in the coming months.

BUMMER Facebook

BUMMER Tour Dates

4/6 Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge *
4/7 Kansas City, MO – Mills Record Company *
4/8 Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar *
4/9 Milwaukee, WI – Quarters *
4/10 Chicago, IL – Burlington *
4/11 Columbia, MO – Cafe Berlin *
4/12 Hot Springs, AR – TBA *
4/13 Denton, TX – Gatsby’s Mansion *
4/14 Austin, TX – Sidewinder *
4/15 San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger *
5/12 Atlanta, GA- The Drunken Unicorn ^
5/13 Memphis, TN – Growlers ^
5/14 Louisville, KY – Haymarket ^
5/15 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups ^
5/16 Canton, OH – Buzzbin ^
5/17 Washington DC – DC9 ^
5/18 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie ^
5/19 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus ^
5/21 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk ^
5/22 Montreal, QC – Turbo Haus ^
5/23 Toronto, ON – Coalition ^
5/24 Detroit, MI – Loving Touch ^
5/26 Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club ^
5/28 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room ^
5/29 Denver, CO – Hi Dive ^
5/30 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge ^
6/01 Seattle, WA – The Highline ^
6/02 Portland, OR – Ash Street Saloon ^
6/03 Sacramento, CA – Starlite Lounge ^
6/04 Oakland, CA – Eli’s Mile High Club ^
6/05 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo ^
6/06 San Diego, CA – Soda Bar ^
6/07 Phoenix, AZ – The Rebel Lounge ^
6/09 Oklahoma City, OK – The Blue Note ^
6/10 Austin, TX – Barracuda ^
6/11 Dallas, TX – Three Links ^

* with P I N K O
^ with Whores. & WRONG



Precious Metals: WHORES – Gold

Posted in Riffs with tags , , on December 4, 2016 by Ben

Whores have been one of my top bands since I discovered “Ruiner” several years ago and their 2013 release, “Clean”, was my album of the year. Since then I’ve been waiting by the mailbox for more pummelling vitriol from this Atlanta-based band.

“Gold” was released in late October of this year and after my first listen, I was left feeling surprised and a little bit miffed. Their sound had changed! My fickle heart was broken, my emotions left pooling on the carpet like fresh vomit from the dog…

But then I got over myself and spun the album twice more.

For me, “Gold”, is a substantial departure from the sound they had perfected in “Clean”. Their previous output always sounded precise and deliberate. It was crushing, yeah, but everything had its place and never felt rushed for time. You were still getting your skull pounded in but with careful consideration to where the hammer was going to fall.

Ripping open this new release, the pace is upped, the consideration gone and your grey matter spewed on the wall with nary a thought to the cleaning crew. It’s a push into faster territories of punk than they had previously occupied and a switch from measured violence to reckless disregard.

Once I had mentally registered this change of pace, “Gold” quickly became a frequently played album in the weeks that followed. It’s a fucking ripper. Deep hooks, faster grooves, filthy pools of distortion and howling grey-haired angst.

I can’t find a Bandcamp stream (Boo!) but you can check out this stream on Noisey along with an excellent interview with the band’s frontman. Also check out the video for “I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T Shirt” below.

“Tiny little man, tiny little town, tiny little footsteps and a hole in the ground.” Deep cuts.

Poltergeists of the riff: Red Fang – “Only Ghosts”

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , , , on October 27, 2016 by Ben

Nothing like a day of blowin’ sideways ice pellets and half-assed snow to make cozying up to the computer a more attractive prospect…

“Only Ghosts” is the fourth studio album from Portland-based riffasauruses, Red Fang. 2011’s “Murder the Mountains” has been one of my favourite albums since its release but I was left feeling lukewarm after “Whales and Leeches”, a feeling that has carried over into their newest 10-track romp.

I don’t know what specifically has put me off but I don’t get the same shivers and jives from most of the tracks. It could be the songwriting, it could be the mix but in all probability its just me. For me, it’s not a strong release, for other people it might be their best release to date. Objective reviews don’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t finish the album without a couple goody bags to come back to. “Cut it Short” is a great skronky little number and “Not for You” was stuck in my head for a goddamn week. There’s plenty of good moments to be found but never enough that snapped my neck back. It’s an album I’d drink to but not sit in traffic with.

Take a listen at the player down below and see what you think. You can catch them on tour with Torche and Whores from November into December (If you’re a lucky American).

Whores IndieATL Session – “I Am Not A Goal Oriented Person”

Posted in Awesome Things with tags on February 25, 2014 by Ben

Here’s the video from Whores recent IndieATL session where they were filmed performing “I Am Not A Goal Oriented Person” from my 2013 AOTY, “Clean”.

Bonus point for the stick-to-bird-flip at 0:16.

If you haven’t heard “Clean” already, clean the damn wax out of your ears and listen below.

Harden the fuck up: Whores. – Clean

Posted in Riffs with tags on October 31, 2013 by Ben

October 29th was a big day for album releases, with a bunch of big name bands dropping some highly anticipated albums. All of these were solid releases from solid bands, good albums to be sure but nothing exceptionally jaw-breaking. Well, except for Whores that is.

“Clean” is the (at least for me) much anticipated follow up to 2011’s “Ruiner”. The latter album had snapped me to attention with a combination of heavy distortion and some honest to god punk rock spit and venom delivery. They were pissed and more importantly, they sounded fucking pissed. The songs had a anthemic vibe, encouraging a raised fist and some dented drywall.

“Clean” is everything its ancestor was and then some. Take note folks, you’re not just supposed to follow up your debut, you’re supposed to blow that damn thing out of the water, a feat Whores have pulled of more than capably. Louder and nastier, it’s six tracks kicking you straight in the back of the neck until you accept the fact you are a shitty person or your neck snaps, whatever comes first.

Everything is better, the riffs, the songwriting, the production, especially the production. This album sounds good, like really fucking good, like rattling your windows all day good. Heavy, thick and crystal fucking clear, the next best thing would be cramming your head inside the amp cabinet until something ruptures. Everything from the guitar tone to the snare snap sounds perfectly in place.

“Cougars, Not Kittens” and “Blue Bloods” are the longest and shortest tracks respectively and are easily my favorites of the bunch. The former staggers along at a molasses half-pace, bracing itself with a fucking killer riff and just plain heavy chorus preceded by a quiet background hollar. The latter is an odd little ditty, all high-pitched leads behind a quick stepping vocal line.

Heavy, infectious, insanely well written and equally performed, “Clean” stands head and shoulders above the hordes of the try-hards that populate this little corner of heavy music. Whores are one of the few current bands that not only deliver the bone rattling grooves but are also uncompromising in their vision and ethics. Punk might be dead to the world, but it still lives on in the hearts of three guys from Atlanta.

Whores Facebook

Whores Bandcamp

Creek, river, swamp, stream: Russian Circles and Whores

Posted in News and Information with tags , , on October 21, 2013 by Ben

Fuck me. I actually have to work this week.


Russian Circles. Fucking excellent post-rock/metal band from Chicago. Eerie, sprawling soundscapes wage a continuous war with a sledgehammer of a groove section. The usual guitar/bass/drum formula is broken up this time around with some tracks featuring haunting vocals from Chelsea Wolfe. “Memorial” will be their fifth album and is scheduled for release on October 29th. I’ll give you my full impression then but for now get streaming below.


Whores are a bunch of evil motherfuckers from Atlanta. Their debut EP, “Ruiner”, came out in fucking 2011. So two years later we get to hear the sequel to what was one of the better noise rock releases in recent memory. Does it live up to the hype? Of course it damn well does. Head high, fist in the air punk rock played with the distortion at eleven. Blood stains, broken teeth and fractured wrists. “Clean” will be released October 29th. Listen below.




Posted in Riffs with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2012 by Ben

Whores hail from Atlanta and bring a kick to the face of sludge based neo-monolithic-pick-fuck-noise rock.

What that translates to is BIG.MOTHERFUCKING.RIFFS. Then you take those BIG.MOTHERFUCKING.RIFFS. and just drench those suckers in distortion. Then deep fry it in fuzz. The louder you play them, the better the end result it.

Keeping a molasses thick sludge pace, Whores will pound the fuck out of your ears while simultaneously spraining your neck from uncontrollable headbanging.

Whores. are currently signed to Brutal Panda Records and have their debut EP Ruiner out now.

Buy this record, turn it way the hell up and just wreck shit.

Whores Bandcamp

Whores Facebook

Got your bandcamp player right here: