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Seven Inch Shuffle: TV Crime and Cold Meat

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , , , on November 3, 2017 by Ben

I get an extra hour of daylight savings. You get an extra post.

TV Crime – “Clocking in/Clocking out”

I had found these guys after researching the label that released the Tyrannamen LP and digging through their other releases. This led me to the Nottingham-based band TV Crime and their (relatively) newest 7″, “Clocking in/Clocking out”.

For whatever reason I’ve had a big hankering for simple, catchy rock, played off the cuff with all the little imperfections included. The kind of stuff that’s genuinely fun to listen to and doesn’t require a monolith of Marshalls to get the point across. “Clocking in” and “Clocking out” fall neatly in that category, as two simple, well written and rockin’ tunes.

Rowdy, loose and danceable. It’s not rocket science, just rock ‘n’ roll. 2 GBP on Bandcamp.

Cold Meat – “Pork Sword Fever”

Next up is a random stumble that sunk its fangs in and just wouldn’t let go. “Pork Sword Fever” will be the newest 7″ from Perth’s Cold Meat, hitting the streets on December 1st. Two tracks have been released in anticipation, “Nice Girls” and “Maternity Stomp”.

A slap in the face of snotty classic punk, pulling heavily from the early giants of the genre, blended with modern indignation and aggression. Screeching vocals and skronky riffs that violently lurch through the speakers like Frankenstein’s monster on a speed binge. There’s spit on the stage and a snarl frozen in place above the black leather jacket.

December 1st, 2017 you can check the whole thing out, until then get a taste below.


Melancholy Fun: Tyrannamen S/T

Posted in Riffs with tags , , on August 3, 2017 by Ben

I’ve been finding most of my new music by going through suggested followers on Bandcamp. I don’t know the algorithm that they are using but it has been yielding me a steady stream of new favourites.

A couple of these suggested folks are hailing from Australia, which produced that previous post about Clowns and todays post about the soulful punk of Tyrannamen. Thier self-titled album was released in November of last year and has stuck itself in my head for days at a time.

Their style is not usually the one I find myself drawn too, as I usually skip the memorable melodies for neanderthal riffs but for some reason (probably age) this album has fit home like a well-worn pair of underwear.

From the opening of “I Can’t Read Your Mind” to the simple truth in “I Don’t Want To Go To Jail”, Tyrannamen pack together loose tones and convincing vocals, wrapped together with an energetic and dance-able rhythm. This all pushed through a perfect organic mix, with an honest live feel and clarity across the band.

I dunno if I’m getting soft or old but its nice to be able use this blog as benchmark for how my listening has changed. Either way, this album rules and you can get in for 4 GBP on Bandcamp.