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Blazing Bell-bottoms: Crypt Trip – “Rootstock”

Posted in Riffs with tags , , on January 22, 2018 by Ben

Time to squeeze into the tattered acid-wash, strap on some aviators and unsheathe the moustache. We’re getting vintage.

Rootstock is the latest LP from the Texas-based Crypt Trip. I had been previously jamming their 2016 EP, Mabon Songsuntil finding a delightful Bandcamp reminder that they had new material. As I get older I appreciate email reminders more and more…

As the tide starts to recede from the classic rock renaissance of the last couple years it’s becoming harder to find genuinely interesting releases that don’t just paint a generic pastiche but strike that fine balance between homage and influence. A quality that Crypt Trip have managed to tie down for these 8 new tracks.

While this isn’t an earth-shattering reshuffle of the genre, it is a well-crafted and deftly performed slice of psychedelic apple pie. An earnest serving of comfort food; riffs and grooves that stick to the ribs and leave one with a dopey smile and languid nod, lounging in the armchair of itis. Or in this case, deceptively mellow shredding and righteous melodies.

Playful and gentle solos intertwine with Skippy Smooth® bass work, floating along the dope-scented breeze generated by the skillful licks coming from the drums. These guys are a taut and muscular trio that have each others backs through bridge, chorus and solo.

This album isn’t going to convince anyone of their deep, hidden love of classic rock, but for fans of the genre this is a top-shelf release, comfortable sharing shoulders with their quality contemporaries.


Nihilism; A Systems Approach: The Sun Through a Telescope and portrayal of guilt

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , on July 26, 2017 by Ben

Time for two bands who have emailed me many, many months ago, with me letting their emails rot in my inbox like the scumbag I am. So let’s drag these carcasses out into the light and see what we got here.

portrayal of guilt – S/T

These guys are from Texas and released a self-titled EP in May. They use the mentality and brutality of grindcore but at a slower pace, which is a big plus for me. The usual adjectives apply; howling, scathing, violent and crushing but with the rare inclusion of concise and well-tailored.

In short; Angsty grindcore black-metal with tight songs and strong grooves. $1 on Bandcamp.

The Sun Through a Telescope – Black Hole Smile

This is a one-man recording project from Ottawa who does doom/drone/sludge but not black metal, which is what usually comes up. I will be completely honest in saying that I never got around to listening to the whole album and instead took a choice sampling of tracks throughout. However! Everything I sampled I did enjoy and found a good balance between the more estorotic drone elements and the neanderthal headbanging.

In short; Kinda like Old Man Gloom but different. And only one dude. $7 on Bandcamp.