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Rapid Fire Round Up: Lady Flint, The Phosphorous Bombs & Sun Q

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Rapid Fire Round Up is dedicated to not being a scumbag and giving a shoutout to all those bands whose emails have been rotting in my catacombs inbox.

Lady Flint – “All Moves Are Vain”

Lady Flint are a French garage rock duo whose debut I talked about way back in 2014. They have since released their third album, “All Moves Are Vain” in February of this year. 4 more tracks of well constructed blues/garage rock with classic vibes and big grooves. Stripped back a well executed, just the way it should be.

Top Track: “Short Fuse”

The Phosphorous Bombs – “Cancers”

Another excellent Aussie export, I got pointed towards the up-tempo skate punk of The Phosphorous Bombs through one of their members who used to be part of the Jesus Christ Posse. A wicked quick blast of early 90’s punk styled after OGs of the genre like NOFX, Bad Religion, Propagandhi et al, “Cancers” is their newest album, released in July. Building on their first two releases they crank out another 12 tracks of shotgunned RedBull and parking lot kickflips.

Sun Q – “Charms”

Sun Q is a psychedelic/garage band hailing from Russia. They’ve been releasing music in bits and pieces for the last couple years and “Charms” is the first full length culmination of their efforts. Catchy and melodic with a powerful frontwoman and dialed rhythm section, they’re a band punching way above their weight class and could have themselves a very bright future.


Fuck, that’s heavy: God Syndrome and WOUNDVAC

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God Syndrome

The second Russian band to contact me this year, God Syndrome are a melodic death metal band from Samara, Russia. While some bands can be hard to pin down to a certain genre, God Syndrome are very clearly at home in the halls gouged out by such notaries as Hypocrisy and Carcass, which is not a bad thing by any metric.

Thunderous, rhythmic attacks hammered out with double kicks and distorted guitars, God Syndrome are fucking dynamic and heavy, with loads of the aggressive melodies key to their genre. Plenty of dope riffage to be found as well, like on “Five Acts of Deception” and “Fire”

Their newest album, “Controverse” was released in February of 2016 and you can stream that below. You will also find a video for their newest single, “The Den”, that was released in December 2016.





I wrote about this Arizona-based hardcore band a couple months ago after they were gracious enough to send me a free flexi disc and a sticker (I love stickers). Since then they have a new release under their belts, the “INFAMY” 7″.

WOUNDVAC have put together another vicious collection of utterly efficient hardcore and grind. There’s no wasted expositions, just some fuckin’ gnarly blast beats and chugs, laced together with brutish howling and neolithic grooves. The soundtrack to a thousand dingy basement shows and frothing piles of sweaty human meat. When all you have is a sledgehammer, everything looks like rubble.


Randoms Recap: Into Orbit, Crystal Fairy and Chetyre Muzhika

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I know I’m not gonna find the time to write about all of this music separately, so it’s all getting crammed into one post. Better something than nothing eh?

Into Orbit – New Album; “Unearthing”

Into Orbit are an instrumental post-metal duo from New Zealand, heavy in the vein of Russian Circles. Dark and moody jams, with frothy interludes and some strong grooves. The cold Arctic ocean vibes are strong with this one. Calm and bracing, like a picnic by the lake in February.

Favourite Track: “The Archer”. Red Fang gone post metal jam that caught me totally by surprise.


Melvins + Mars Volta + Butcherettes = Crystal Fairy

I found out about this from Rolling Stone of all places (I had time to kill at work OK). A new alt-rock supergroup with King Buzzo, Dale Crover, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Teri Gender-Bender coming together to form Crystal Fairy. Don’t love the name but the music is solid from what I’ve listened too so far. Not blowing my brains against the wall like I may have expected it too but still enjoyable all the same. Stream it below and decide for yourself.

Chetyre Muzhika (Четыре Мужика) EP – “Howl (Вой)”

I can’t say or spell the name but hell, Chetyre Muzhika are a badass stoner rock band from Russia and “Howl” is their newest EP, released in October of last year. It was released through the CSBR label, which I’m only mentioning cuz it stands for Crab Stoned But Rocking, which is awesome.

Anyway, these guys put out some rock-solid jams, with punchy guitar-driven grooves and neck straining riffs. All 4 tracks show a slightly different flavour but all of them come together to make it worth going back for seconds.

Favorite Track: “мустанга (Mustang)” This track is weird as hell in the best way possible and also has some of the sickest riffs on the whole album.