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Half-assed Show Reports: Spectral Voice & Primitive Man @ Lee’s Palace

Posted in Random Riffage with tags , , , , , on March 26, 2018 by Ben

After a frigid walk that felt more like December than spring, my companion and I arrived at the venue just as the nights opener, Minors, were about halfway through their set. There were a decent amount of bodies in attendance already, which is nice to see after going to so many shows where the opening band has to wail away at an empty room. They played a good set, going through their own hybrid of hardcore and powerviolence with plenty of proficiency. Their most recent album was Atrophy, released last December, you can check that out below.

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The Abyss Gazes Also: Thantifaxath & Primitive Man

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Escapism has long been a part of our society, from the first time an imagination was flexed to move someone beyond their own, miserable, circumstances. As time went on and the methods advanced from the written word, to film, to music and to the digital salve used today to lubricate atrophied imaginations, so did the degree of horrors that these pleasures of the mind were fighting against.

Heavy music has traditionally lent a hand to the darker side of our psyche, frolicking in the corpses and taboos of the masses. It does not give a clear escape from whatever ails you, the degrees of escape may vary depending on genre or topic. However, there are some bands that fail to offer even a fleeting respite, apex predators in the field of drooling terror and existential nihilism. These bands turn to face the encroaching tides of the abyss with open arms and toothy grins.

Last year saw the release of new albums from two of these bands; Primitive Man released Caustic in October and Thantifaxath with Void Masquerading as Matter in November. These two bands take very different routes to their end but tread the same thematic waters along the way. Taken together the effect is quite fetching, alternating between blast of schizophrenic adrenaline and lethargic mass destruction, both bellowing the truth in their roles as screeching prophets of bloodthirsty clarity.

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Grumble, grumble, dammit: Primitive Man, Yautja/Pyrrhon tour & Cormorant

Posted in Random Riffage with tags , , , on October 17, 2017 by Ben

Here’s a collection of random babble that I’ve been collecting in the bookmarks folder.

Cormorant – “Diaspora”

I had seen this band talked about pretty frequently after their 2011 release, “Dwellings”, but I had never dug their sound. Years have passed and tastes have changed and now I find myself quite enjoying their latest release, “Diaspora”.

A well-crafted combination of black and death metal, bound together with the versatile epoxy of prog. Fancy guitar lines, epic gallops and regal melodies abound. It’s intricate without getting snobby, which is a hard balance to strike.

Primitive Man – “Caustic”

Denver’s power-trio of visceral obliteration released their newest album, “Caustic”, earlier this month. This is their second full length, following up the backwoods horror of 2013’s “Scorn”.

Primitive Man are, in my ears, one of the heaviest and most unnerving bands in the genre today. It’s one thing to be crushingly heavy, it’s another thing entirely to make me not able to listen to an album without the lights on…

Yautja & Pyrrhon Tour

Yautja will be touring with Pyrrhon starting in November. I haven’t spent a lot of time with the music of the latter but Yautja are easily on of my favourite current bands in the sludge/grind/harsh/noise-core genre. See you at Hard Luck on the 11th.

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Aural Savagery: Primitive Man – Scorn

Posted in Riffs with tags on October 14, 2013 by Ben

Primitive Man are a crossover doom band from Denver. They released their debut LP, “Scorn”, during August of this year. “Scorn” is the most evil thing you will hear all month, even if you spent your evenings conducting an orchestra of chalkboard scrapers.

Imagine every time I’ve used overly descriptive language in reference to something evil, brutal, vile or destructive. Now combine all of that, drench it in tar and moose blood, light it on fire and throw it down a ravine. That is what a journey through these ten tracks feels like. It’s not just that Primitive Man are crushingly heavy, they’re oppressively heavy. The difference is subtle, like the difference between splitting a skull with a crowbar versus grinding it in a vice.

Sludge is slow, this is fucking life-sucking. It’s all sharp edges and heavy hits, dragged out at a torturous pace designed for you to realize that, at the end of the day, you are nothing more than a ungodly sack of meat that is slobbering, groping and shitting your way towards a six foot hole in the dirt.

It’s fucking grim man.

Alternating between scathing waves of fuzz and extended samples of horror-movie ambiance, it is not an easy listen. For example, “Black Smoke”, is one of the fucking creepiest things I have listened to. Period. At first confused, I ended up being genuinely disturbed by the time the first riff kicked my door down and cut out my liver.

So fair warning to all. If your not someone who listens to heavy music on the regular, “Scorn” may just send you running to a dark corner to hug your knees and reconsider life. Embrace the soul-numbing evil with open arms or prepare yourself for the rapture, links lie below.

Primitive Man Facebook

Primitive Man Bandcamp