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Tuesday Twofer: Jean Daddy & BEEF BOYS

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , on January 3, 2018 by Ben

It’s not Tuesday? Fuck off.

I’ve had these two bands slouching in my bookmarks for a while and decided to lump them into the same post based on geographic locations and the fact they both released new albums last November.

Jean Daddy – “Lets Ride, Boys!”

The man, the mystery, the messiah, Jean Daddy has bequeathed us their sophmore release, “Lets Ride, Boys!”. Eight new tracks of wailing guitars and lean grooves, conducted by the screeching charisma of the rock messiah himself.

Oddball punk rock that stutters left when you expect a right, smacking you around with an expired phonebook while taunting you out of reach. The tracks are brawny and mean, with no wasted space and plenty of dirt-nasty riffs, like the juicy midsection on “Bloody Mary”. A tightly-wound cohesive effort that will leave your neck sore by the closing.

$10 on Bandcamp.

You can catch them at The Horseshoe tomorrow night with Red LinesCosmic Death Ray and The Killer Wails.


BEEF BOYS – Melted Like a Witch

The garage/psych/punk revival is alive and well in this Peterborough-based trio’s debut LP, Melted Like a Witch. A collection of sweaty and raw bangers, showcasing a band with an excellent grasp of the illusive party groove.

Equally capable of shredding through the beers with punk rippers like “Motorcycle” or “Evil of Horses” as they are of leaning into the pedals and letting the riffs breathe like on “Golden Arches”, BEEF BOYS have birthed themselves a worthy entry into the growing renaissance of sleaze.

$10 on Bandcamp.

Catch them at Smiling Buddha this Friday with Heart Attack Kids, Not for Function and Substrata.