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Didn’t Miss a Thing: New Norska Track

Posted in Riffs with tags , , on March 29, 2017 by Ben

With my continued sabbaticals from this blog, I’ve been missing out on plenty of releases from bands I would usually be following pretty closely. Part of this may be due to not having Facebook anymore but part of it is definitely laziness. However, this week I got lucky.

Norska is a killer sludge band from Oregon who I wrote about in 2012. They just released a new track from their upcoming album, “Too Many Winters”, their first since 2012. The track in question is “Samhain” and it takes the sounds that Norska started with and starts to weave them in a new direction.

Their previous outputs had them firmly sloshing through the deeper waters of doom, with long, ominous interludes and barrages of demonic vocals, laced over some truly nasty riffs. It was slow, deliberate and evil.

“Samhain” on the other hand, opens up with a hard charge and clean vocals, before getting down into some neck snapping grooves and underworld bellowing. Then, things get weird. A looping guitar line comes out of the murk and starts running circles inside your head only to get snapped down into some jazzy noodling and then slapped right out again into some almost mathematical territory.

I like this.

There’s a lot going on in this track, from the algebraic noodling and sticky sludge riffs, to almost NWOBHM sounding melodies and clean vocals. This has gotten me real excited to see what the whole album will hold.

“Too Many Winters” will be released on May 26th through Brutal Panda Records.


Fellwoods on Devil Worship

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , on February 21, 2012 by Ben

This reading week has quickly turned into shit-I-have-so-much-crap-to-get-done week, hence the lack of posts. But now is the time for riffage and with my stomach full of midnight snack (Read: Cake) let us worship Satan through the musical styling of Fellwoods.

This Portland, Oregon quartet bring you steaming servings of occult and psychedelically flavored rock and roll to pollute your ear holes. Their sound is a equal combination of devil worshiping witch music, riff rock swagger and distortion fueled rock ‘n’ roll. Very much in the veins of The Devils Blood, Fellwoods keep their occultism from getting to pretentious by drenching it in copious amounts of fuzz and distortion.

However, the drenching of fuzz is not a crush you skull in drenching, it merely serves to make the music sound even more organic and raw. Like a group of witches and druids found abandoned instruments in a black wood somewhere and then figured rock ‘n’ roll sounds way better than chanting. Sprinkle in some suitably creepy interludes that bring forth images of pulsating swamps and abandoned graveyards as well as a generous helping of cowbell, you’ve got the recipe for making me one very happy panda.

So if your in the market for some psychedelically stoner jams you can pick this album up for $6.66 on Bandcamp (All proceeds go directly to Satan). Got your links right below.

Fellwoods Bandcamp

Fellwoods Facebook