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Missing Links: Oh Sees – Orc

Posted in Riffs with tags , , on March 26, 2018 by Ben

There are a lot of blank spots in my musical background. Empty slots in the bookshelf left by classic bands I’ve never been pointed back to or contemporaries that I’ve just passed by. This is probably due to my spastic choices of music, as I pick and poke my way forward I always end up missing some choice morsels on the carcass. However, this does have one benefit in that I keep finding exciting surprises when I expect them the least, like for example, Orc.

Depending on how you’re counting, Orc is the twentieth (!!!) album from the current band that happens to have John Dwyer in it, or as it was released, the Oh Sees. The reason I seem to be dancing around semantics is because this band has also gone by OCSThe Ohsees, The Oh Sees and Thee Oh Sees. Psychotics, clearly, who can’t let a person have a straightforward album collection.

Leaning back over to the blank spots I mentioned earlier – this band is one of them. I had heard of them in passing but always passed on for whatever reason. As such, I’m taking Orc completely at face value, with no history or predisposition to the band. I don’t know how this album fits in with an established sound, or if it’s derivative of older albums. I don’t need to know any of that though because god damn, this album has got the juice.

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Assorted Musings and Historical Appreciation

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Lazy piece of shit checking into his derelict blog. Just give me a second to scrape the mold off my computer screen and remove at least one of the boards from the window.

I have been listening to a bunch of new music but I’ve been too lazy/busy/apathetic to write about it. Instead I’m going to list all of the new albums I’ve bought in the last month or so and summarize them in three words or less.

Dangers – “The Bend in the Break” = Catharsis Rage Vomit.

Dangers – “Messy, Isn’t it?” = See #1.


Mutoid Man – “War Moans” = 80’S POWER CRUNCH.

Seven Sisters of Sleep – “Ezekiel’s Hags” = Deadlift Doom.

High On Fire – “The Art of Self Defense” = LEGENDARY.

Clowns – “Lucid Again” = Too much fun.

You can find all of those albums on Bandcamp so check ’em out if you want.

Saw Cavern at the Bovine on Saturday night. It was a nice treat to see a smaller band that I had written about getting up to the great northern yonder to play a show. They fucking killed it and you should go check out their most recent album for more heavy jams.

I also saw Baby Driver over the weekend which was quite entertaining as long as you didn’t think too hard about it. It’s a very unique interpretation of a movie musical and the only reason I wanted to mention it here is because one of the main action sequences is set to “Hocus Pocus” by Focus. The rest of the soundtrack was just as stellar.

Lastly! You know how when you’re little and all the “adult” things like coffee and beer taste like absolute horseshit to your virgin tongue? Well I’ve found my ears have kind of done the same thing as I’ve gotten older. Several years ago I didn’t enjoy or respect some of the older metal luminaries, like High On Fire but now I can’t get enough.

Like goddammit, these fucking riffs. WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH ME!?

So I apologize and will now headbang my way through ten Hail Mary’s.



Occular Orgy – High On Fire and Red Fang

Posted in Random Riffage with tags , on September 13, 2016 by Ben

More videos! Cuz I’m lazy and haven’t bothered to type down anything for the small foothill of albums I’ve got bookmarked. Still, these videos deserve a mention while they’re still fresh…

Red Fang – Shadows

The burlmeisters in Red Fang have a new album coming on October 14th entitled “Only Ghosts“. They have released a video for a track called “Shadows” directed by their longtime compatriot – Whitey McConnaughy.

The video is fairly solid – a tribute to the thermal-vision alien of your dreams – but the real standout is the new track. I didn’t love the last album but “Shadows” brings some new twists to the table and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

High On Fire – The Black Plot

High on Fire are legends. This music video is legendary.

A He-Man D&D skullfuck marathon with a bad acid trip and quiet weekend spent huffing some paint – If you liked the movie Heavy Metal you’ll love this.

Late Video Fees: Trash Talk, Nekrogoblikon & High on Fire

Posted in Awesome Things with tags , , on September 9, 2012 by Ben

Here’s a hodgepodge of videos that were released in the last 30 days or so but I only got my lazy ass around to talking about now.

I had previously mentioned that Nekrogoblikon were working on a video for their track, “No One Survives”. With a recipe including porn star Kayden Kross and a full goblin costume thanks to Monster Effects everything pointed towards a killer video and they most certainly did deliver. It tells the story of Goblin, a middle aged goblin horde retiree who now works as a white collar grunt for a mildly successful accounting firm. Deep down his heart years for his female co-worker but the nefarious Brad is standing in his way.

Goblins, blood, middle-management and a well-crafted sense of humor, what else do you need?

NYC’s Trash Talk are easily one of my top hardcore bands. The blistering combination of aggression, brutality and ear-shredding riffage always kept me entertained. They’ve been receiving their own fair share of attention since they recently signed to Odd Future Records (Tyler the Creators label). Some people seem to think this melding of hip-hop and hardcore is breaking some sort of taboo but I think it’s awesome we’re getting collaborations from two artists at the extreme ends of their genres.

Anyways. The new video in question is “FEBN” from their soon to be released album, “119” due out on October 9th. Trash Talk have always had a high standard when it comes to videos and the newest offering is no exception. Shot in black and white it uses a couple tricks to play it off as one continuous shot of skating, partying, fighting and general mayhem. The song itself is a crunchy back-alley brawler, hyped off speed and looking for a fight.

Last up is stoner metal stalwarts, High on Fire. Taken from their newest record, “Der Vermis Mysteriis”, the video for “Fertile Green” is a trip and a half. Telling the story of Jesus’  bad-ass biker twin who drives around on his Harley and fucks shit up. There’s also some deeply thought provoking stuff about time and space packed in there but if your like me you’ll be too busy staring slackjawed at the pretty colors and visual effects wizardry on display. Enjoy.

MORE NEW SHIT: Indian Handcrafts and THE SHRINE

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Yeah I could have made one post.

Yeah I could have taken bath salts and eaten a man’s casserole.

I chose neither.


Indian Handcrafts are a big ole steamroller of pounding riffs, overwhelming distortion and galloping drums, everything you need basically. There’s also from Barrie, which is about 15 minutes from me. So local represent. Their first self titled EP I talked about here, and now we get a teaser video for the new album due out sometime in late 2012.

It seems that this intrepid duo have been onto big things since I last checked, as parts of this video were shot at the Melvin’s practice room. Also that the Melvin’s deadly drumming duo of Dave and Coady make appearance on the album should be more than enough to let you know this shit rips.

The video opens up with a huge ass gong getting hauled into a practice space, then your punched in the side of the head with a jackhammering track sample of “Terminal Horse”. The Melvin’s influence is clear here, with an absolutely furious musical and vocal assault careening through your ears. It’s toe curling and milk curdling kind of good shit folks.



Now THE SHRINE are a group of thrashers from over California way. I wrote about their debut demo, “BLESS OFF” right hur. The music is a maelstrom of jangling guitars, waves of fuzz, rumbling basslines and howling guitar solos.

It’s the essence of a vintage mosh pit, distilled and pumped right into your brain. So before you run out and buy that demo (Which you should), I’ll just let you know that they’ve recently been signed to Tee-Pee records. Home of such alumni as Graveyard, High on Fire and The Fucking Wrath, you can be damn sure they’re in good company.

The video is a collection of filtered modern shots combined with vintage skate clips back by a sample of the song, “Whistling of Death”. Coming from such a killer demo I’ve got high hopes for this album and this teaser keeps my hopes in the right direction.

You’ll get a full review once “Primitive Blasts” brawls it’s way into your ears on July 10th.