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Rapid Fire Round Up: Lady Flint, The Phosphorous Bombs & Sun Q

Rapid Fire Round Up is dedicated to not being a scumbag and giving a shoutout to all those bands whose emails have been rotting in my catacombs inbox.

Lady Flint – “All Moves Are Vain”

Lady Flint are a French garage rock duo whose debut I talked about way back in 2014. They have since released their third album, “All Moves Are Vain” in February of this year. 4 more tracks of well constructed blues/garage rock with classic vibes and big grooves. Stripped back a well executed, just the way it should be.

Top Track: “Short Fuse”

The Phosphorous Bombs – “Cancers”

Another excellent Aussie export, I got pointed towards the up-tempo skate punk of The Phosphorous Bombs through one of their members who used to be part of the Jesus Christ Posse. A wicked quick blast of early 90’s punk styled after OGs of the genre like NOFX, Bad Religion, Propagandhi et al, “Cancers” is their newest album, released in July. Building on their first two releases they crank out another 12 tracks of shotgunned RedBull and parking lot kickflips.

Sun Q – “Charms”

Sun Q is a psychedelic/garage band hailing from Russia. They’ve been releasing music in bits and pieces for the last couple years and “Charms” is the first full length culmination of their efforts. Catchy and melodic with a powerful frontwoman and dialed rhythm section, they’re a band punching way above their weight class and could have themselves a very bright future.


Drinking for Eleven: Clowns – “Lucid Again”

See mom? Drunk Bandcamp surfing in your underwear can be productive!

Random find while digging through suggested profiles on my Bandcamp collection page. Clowns are a punk band from Australia who picked my ear due to their resemblance to some local legends, Pup.

Angular and energetic modern punk rock with a metalcore edge, I’m sure this will sound as good sober as it does now. A solid blend of classic punk charges and modern punk/indie musicality, it rips.

$10 AUD on Bandcamp, listen below.

Now excuse me, I need to piss.

YIS and Their Kingdom of Fuzz

Alright. I’m mostly functioning now, which means I can stop slacking off like a little fairy boy and get to writing about some music and such. Maybe just one more nap…

I kid.

YIS are a garage rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. Their first full length, “Kingdom of Fuzz” was released in February of last year and has been tickling my ear cavities in all the right places. YIS blend the perfect combination of frenetic punk energies, stoner fuzz and garage DIY into their own take on what can be considered a crowded genre. The album is fast, with only one track clocking in at over 4 minutes, which helps them stay within the age old adage, Keep it Simple Short, Stupid.

The first three tracks strike hard and fast with a fast, catchy, punked up package complete with yell-worthy gang vocals and suitably drunken riffs. “Lizardman” drives this point the farthest, with a nonsensical chorus helping make things even more frantic and even more infectious. “Trevor Block Rockin’ Beats” see’s a change towards the garage pop end of the spectrum, with a slower groove and just some little hits of synths working their way in.

Garage rock swagger is the king for the second half of the album, with tracks like “(I Feel) Repulsed” harking back to the glory days of the garage movement. “Infin” is the big daddy on the LP, clocking in at almost 6 minutes. A heavy dose of synths and extra distorted guitars lend a much larger stoner flavor to the usually poppy mix. Clips of ambiance do battle with the previously straight laced rhythms and jams and result in a quite tasty combo.

“Kingdom of Fuzz” is a solid example of modern garage rock tunes done right and you can expect to see bigger and better things when their second LP drops sometime this year. Until then you can get “Kingdom of Fuzz” for a name your price option on Bandcamp. Stop, drop, link!

YIS Facebook

YIS Bandcamp