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Fuck, that’s heavy: God Syndrome and WOUNDVAC

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , on March 14, 2017 by Ben


God Syndrome

The second Russian band to contact me this year, God Syndrome are a melodic death metal band from Samara, Russia. While some bands can be hard to pin down to a certain genre, God Syndrome are very clearly at home in the halls gouged out by such notaries as Hypocrisy and Carcass, which is not a bad thing by any metric.

Thunderous, rhythmic attacks hammered out with double kicks and distorted guitars, God Syndrome are fucking dynamic and heavy, with loads of the aggressive melodies key to their genre. Plenty of dope riffage to be found as well, like on “Five Acts of Deception” and “Fire”

Their newest album, “Controverse” was released in February of 2016 and you can stream that below. You will also find a video for their newest single, “The Den”, that was released in December 2016.





I wrote about this Arizona-based hardcore band a couple months ago after they were gracious enough to send me a free flexi disc and a sticker (I love stickers). Since then they have a new release under their belts, the “INFAMY” 7″.

WOUNDVAC have put together another vicious collection of utterly efficient hardcore and grind. There’s no wasted expositions, just some fuckin’ gnarly blast beats and chugs, laced together with brutish howling and neolithic grooves. The soundtrack to a thousand dingy basement shows and frothing piles of sweaty human meat. When all you have is a sledgehammer, everything looks like rubble.



It Came…in the mail: WOUNDVAC – They Eat Their Own Young/Rumination flexi

Posted in Riffs with tags , , , on December 4, 2016 by Ben

About three months ago (I’m terrible) a band emailed me asking if I’d like to have some music sent my way. I said sure, of course, but neglected to realise that they wanted to send me an honest-to-god physical copy of music. Through the mail. So after digging around through the pile of garbage on the kitchen table to find the address (because I have no idea where I live) I sent it back and proceed to wait.

I don’t actually know when it showed up because I forgot to keep checking the mailbox. So my roommate ended up getting real confused at the envelope addressed to “Church of the Riff”. Anyway, I got the disc and a sweet sticker but was a regular scumbag and let it sit on my desk for another couple weeks.


WOUNDVAC are a grind/hardcore band from Arizona and the envelope contained their sixth release of two new songs on a flexi disc. “They Eat Their Own Young” and “Rumination”.

Both tracks and nasty little rippers that rend and wail through your cranium like any good grindcore should. Short, heavy and fuckin’ efficient, WOUNDVAC make some tasty shit. With these two tracks setting the trend I’m looking forward to what they claw out next.

You can check out these two songs with the Bandcamp stream below or you can head over to their Bandcamp page proper and check out all their other releases, starting with 2014’s excellent self-titled EP.