Musical Offerings: SardoniS

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I know I said that week long absences wouldn’t happen once school started but it’s been a busy couple weeks and my blogging laid by the wayside. Thanks to school, moving, nice weather, a new book and a couple new big-release albums, I’ve been very distracted.

I am here now though and I come bearing a gift in sonic form, that gift being “II” from SardoniS, a Belgium duo churning out heavy riffs scorched with the fires of hell and dripping distortion. They’ve been releasing music since 2008 and their newest came out on June 18th of this year.

Right from the get-go you know what’s coming. “Burial of Men” opens with a massively downtuned riff and booming tom’s punching through the haze. There’s no pretty lead in, no scientific sample to set the mood, just thunderous waves of fuzzzzzzz.

The pacing sets itself firmly into the doom side of the equation, at least that’s what it leads you to believe. The track takes it’s time to build but once it does it kicks things into gear and ups the pace to some high-speed head banging.

This bait-and-switch layout makes several more appearances through the album, with your head lulled into a gentle nod before the cloven hoof comes flying at the back of your unprotected skull. I should probably also mention this in an entirely instrumental effort, something which I really enjoy. Vocals are an instrument in themselves, but sometimes it’s nice to let the riff dominate the soundstage.

SardoniS seem to have a grab bag of interesting riffage and grooves up their sleeves, they never really get too caught up in Sabbathian dirges, instead choosing to flex their musical muscles over the course of the 7 tracks.

“II” is up for 7 EUR on Bandcamp and it’s also available in CD and vinyl formats for your listening pleasure.

SardoniS Bandcamp

SardoniS Facebook



Fresh New Jams: Wolfshead wield the Sword of Fire

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Good morning folks!

Today we’ve got some fresh new jams from the Hampshire based stoner duo of Wolfshead. I talked about their music a couple months ago in this post, describing their EP as “a hodgepodge of different styles, with all of them still staying well within the burly ass beard metal side of the spectrum.”. You’ll be happy to know that the newest track, “Sword of Fire” picks up right where we left off.

One big mother of a lead riff takes charge right from the get go, giving the track a solid gallop to bang your head too. The guitar tone is just as burly to match, with a back-alley blend of crunch and distortion.

“Sword of Fire” is marvelously straightforward, there’s no gilding on the edge of this broadsword, just a metre of rough cut steel flying towards your exposed neck. It’s a groove chiseled from granite that doesn’t let up for the track’s 5:20 runtime.

All in all it’s one hell of a tasty track and I’m hoping we can get an album or EP chock full of these suckers in the near future. You can listen to the track via Bandcamp below and then head over to ListentoWolfshead to download the track for the low cost of free.

Horns up!

Wolfshead Facebook

Wolfshead Bandcamp 

Sword of Fire Download Link

LETS GO FAST OK!? Against the Grain bring the “Motor City Speed Rock”

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So I was just doing my usual harmless Bandcamp trawl, I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but a stream of particularly mellow music had me lulled into a false sense of security. Due to that I was completely unprepared for what was coming for me when I clicked play on Against the Grain‘s album, “Motor City Speed Rock”.

“Holy Fucking Shitballs” was the one thought in my head as a supercharged cannon of punk came barreling into my ear likes a thousand V8 muscle cars. They go fast, like hyped up on speedballs, a line of cocaine and a couple liters of high octane race fuel, if you blink you’ll miss the album.

Usually when you get a band trying to pull every fast and aggressive card in the book you end up with an irritating mishmash of noise as the bands musical chops can’t keep up with their creative ambitions. Against the Grain suffer none of the problems however, with their eyelid peeling speed coupled with a solid grasp of catchy riffs and songs that are just downright fun.

They take some solid Sabbathian grooves and then throw that shit in the fire, douse it napalm and sprinkle it with moonshine just to get it up to speed. It’s the polar opposite of sludge, thanks to a diet of speed, crack and meth instead of bong hits and whiskey. The riffs are instantly comfortable as rock and stoner staples but it’s the speed that they’re carried out at that makes this album so damn enjoyable.

I wasn’t able to find a Facebook page for these Detroit destroyers so I’m left to fill in the blank information with some educated guesses that involve lots of beer, booze, blown speakers and DIY ethic. I have a feeling this is one of those bands that has been grinding it out in their local scene for years with nothing more than a couple pats on the back and their own drive to make music as motivation.

Either way you won’t find a finer chunk of rubber melting speed punk this side of state lines. This is the soundtrack to a thousand drunken mosh pits and hundred different broken bar stools. “Motor City Speed Rock” is that rager that goes all night long, then beats up the cops, steals their cars and rips down for a little trip to Mexico. It’s big, burly and ‘murican, all black smoke and raw fuel, just like the behemoths their hometown used to produce.

“Motor City Speed Rock” is up for a name-your-price option and Bandcamp. I wasn’t able to find a Facebook page but there is a Myspace if your so inclined. Links lie below so put that hammer down and get bangin’.

Against the Grain Bandcamp


Late Video Fees: Trash Talk, Nekrogoblikon & High on Fire

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Here’s a hodgepodge of videos that were released in the last 30 days or so but I only got my lazy ass around to talking about now.

I had previously mentioned that Nekrogoblikon were working on a video for their track, “No One Survives”. With a recipe including porn star Kayden Kross and a full goblin costume thanks to Monster Effects everything pointed towards a killer video and they most certainly did deliver. It tells the story of Goblin, a middle aged goblin horde retiree who now works as a white collar grunt for a mildly successful accounting firm. Deep down his heart years for his female co-worker but the nefarious Brad is standing in his way.

Goblins, blood, middle-management and a well-crafted sense of humor, what else do you need?

NYC’s Trash Talk are easily one of my top hardcore bands. The blistering combination of aggression, brutality and ear-shredding riffage always kept me entertained. They’ve been receiving their own fair share of attention since they recently signed to Odd Future Records (Tyler the Creators label). Some people seem to think this melding of hip-hop and hardcore is breaking some sort of taboo but I think it’s awesome we’re getting collaborations from two artists at the extreme ends of their genres.

Anyways. The new video in question is “FEBN” from their soon to be released album, “119” due out on October 9th. Trash Talk have always had a high standard when it comes to videos and the newest offering is no exception. Shot in black and white it uses a couple tricks to play it off as one continuous shot of skating, partying, fighting and general mayhem. The song itself is a crunchy back-alley brawler, hyped off speed and looking for a fight.

Last up is stoner metal stalwarts, High on Fire. Taken from their newest record, “Der Vermis Mysteriis”, the video for “Fertile Green” is a trip and a half. Telling the story of Jesus’  bad-ass biker twin who drives around on his Harley and fucks shit up. There’s also some deeply thought provoking stuff about time and space packed in there but if your like me you’ll be too busy staring slackjawed at the pretty colors and visual effects wizardry on display. Enjoy.

The Classics: Signs, Signs, Signs

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It’s time for another classic, plucked from the endless rotation of classic rock radio stations and thrust forth into the Church’s grubby collection plate.

Five Man Electrical Band are a Canadian group who were originally known as The Staccato’s in the early ‘60’s. They released around 8 albums since their formation in 1966 but never became a household name in what was becoming a crowded playing field.

It wasn’t until 1970 and the B-side to their “Hello Melinda Goodbye” single, that they would achieve any notable fame. The B-side in question is the song “Signs” and it helped catapult them to a #3 spot on the Billboard 100 chart.

They would follow this up with one more success in “Absolutely Right” before simmering down back into their previous obscurity. “Signs” proved to the bands one hit wonder, as it’s still getting somewhat irregular rotation on the majority of radio stations.

The track itself is an up-tempo story telling of the social unrest and discrimination that was brewing at the time. Fatboy Slim popularized one of the songs main lyrics, “Long haired freaky people need not apply” in his track, “Don’t Let the Main Get You Down”.

“Signs” is very much about getting away from the man and looking past the posted signs and orders. It’s a song that still resonates with me today, as it’s easy to judge someone based on  the norm, all the while grossly underestimating their abilities.

Anyway. Listen below and I’ve also included “Absolutely Right”, free of charge.

Comfort food fuzz from The South

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I have a problem with The Black Keys. It’s not a problem with their music, or a problem with their image. It’s a problem with their popularity. I have no problem with an artist becoming famous and getting credit where credit is due. The main problem I have is that people have drawn the conclusion that The Black Keys are the be all and end all of blues rock as we know it.

Yes they make good songs and yes many, many, many people like those songs but they didn’t create the genre and they are far from the only choice when it comes to blues rock. Admittedly what I just said makes me sound like an elitist dick, but I think it’s more due to people not looking outside their radio and just taking what is given to them.

So in order to remedy this problem I’ve got yet another wonderfully fuzzed out blues rock band, this time hailing from Dallas, Texas. The South is the band in question and this three piece collective has one full length self-titled EP out on Bandcamp.

They list their inspiration as The Heavy Eyes, a band I previously mentioned here. The influence is clear, as The South have adopted the tried and true formula of classic riffs, classic fuzz and overall smooth tones.

The South also features the addition of an organ to the standard line-up, which helps to add some psychedelic and stoner flavours to the traditional roots rock recipe. I personally love the sound an organ ads, blending its own synthesized fuzz with that of the guitars.

For the most part the tracks on this EP are perfect summertime staples. A slower pace and gentle, caressing waves of fuzz to complement the (sometimes) gentle sun and the waves of beer washing down your throat.

It’s not complicated music; solo work is at a minimum, as the songs focus more on consistently tasty riffs and memorable song structures. At times the songs delve in the previously mentioned psychedelic direction, with tracks like “Mrs. Absinthe”, giving you the sonic equivalent of a shot of that mysterious drink.

So if another dose of classic riffs and summer lovin’ is what you’ve been looking for, then head on over to Bandcamp where you can pick up “The South EP” for the low cost of FREE! That’s right, totally free, just like running around your neighbourhood naked. Or something.

The South Facebook

The South Bandcamp

STOP THE PRESSES: New Graveyard track!

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So hell fucking yeah! The title’s correct, we finally get to hear a new track from Graveyard’s new album, “Lights Out” that’s due on the 6th of November.

“Goliath” is the Swedish bands first single from the new album and it’s just as monster sized as its biblical namesake.

Graveyard made a name for themselves on “Hisingen Blues”. They took the classic rock sound that so many other bands were working on and took it to new heights. For me personally, nothing touches the work they’ve been doing in their genre.

Nothing has come close to the amount of soul that this music oozes from its pores. The guitar work is a religious experience in itself, with hair-raising solos and comfort food lead riffs dominating the background.

This soul is continued into the vocals, with everything from a back room bar growl to a silky smooth preachers croon. The percussion ties everything together, playing along in perfect harmony.

All of that is present on “Goliath”, with a howling guitar in the background of an instant classic riff. The song is fast paced and up-tempo, keeping your head in a solid bang for its 2:49 run time.

Sadly the track is non-embeddable, as it’s being premiered over on Billboard. The link lies below so hurry up and go listen…like now.

“Goliath” track premiere