Yob Rock: Cosmic Psychos – “Fuckwit City”

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This fucking video man. Legendary.


Two Pounds and a Pint: Wild Wing – “Doomed II Repeat”

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In the years I’ve been writing about music, I’ve come across a variety of genre mash-ups that had me scratching my head on paper but nodding it between headphones. Los Angeles’ Wild Wing is the newest addition to that and one of the odder combinations to boot.

“Doomed II Repeat” is the bands newest album that was released in March of this year. Across these seven tracks they weave together an esoteric mix of 80’s synth-punk, lo-fi garage rock and country. It’s a fluid blend, that defies straight categorisation and instead triggers gut feelings and subtle recognition.

It’s an addictive mix that makes the album fly by and has left me curious and wanting for more. I would have never expected a band to throw together these disparate influences in such a addictive way, it’s awesome.

Random Riffage: Guess Who?

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The Guess Who. HA ha ha…

Canadian Zeppelin man.

Bile, Faeces, Phlegm: Xylitol – “…Is Toxic to Pigs??”

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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in many food and beverage products. It’s also the name of a nasty fucking gang of goblins that make a violent clattering and commit it to records.

Based in Olympia, Xylitol is a band who takes the old-school approach to heart, with no online presence and a Bandcamp description that’s a phone number for gig listings in the Pacific Northwest. That’s fucking legit man.

Their newest album, “…Is Toxic to Pigs??” was released in May of this year and is a gnarly montage of guttural shrieking and wailing guitar, nasty fucking goblin rock with human sinew in lieu of strings and literal skin on the drums.

Six tracks of nasty gutter punk, a soundtrack to innumerable spit-soaked mics and glass covered floors. It’s becoming more of a rarity to hear a punk vocalist who you wouldn’t want to fuck with just based on their voice but I would lump Xylitol into that cellblock in a heartbeat.

Loud, vicious, DIY bangers. If you’re close enough, go see them live. If not, get their shit on Bandcamp below.

The Canonization of…CLUTCH

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Seeing as I run a half-assed hostel of worship, it stands to reason that there should be some Saints up there on the wall. So by the powers vested in myself, lets canonize some fuckers!

I almost don’t need to write anything for this. Clutch are the legendary grandpappies of stoner rock are still releasing some of the tightest rock albums out there after 20-odd years in the game. From their early macho shout-rock to drawn-out drunken jams to lean-cut hard rock, they are masters of the foot tapping, hoot-n-hollering GERDAMN ROCKNROLL!

Don’t believe me? Lets start digging.

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Another fucking year in the bag. Another turbulent, violent, distressing shitbag of a fucking downward spiral.

But hey, there were some solid bangers released this year, so lets get to those.

In one sentence or less.

Annnnnnnd contact.

Clowns – Lucid Again

A high-energy ripper that makes me feel like a damn teenager and gets me waxing nostalgic for fun summers at Warped Tour.

Pile – A Hairshirt of Purpose

An emotional gut punch of deceptive calms and cathartic swells.

Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love

Big 70’s shred and contemporary ideals; every riff is crisp, every lyric sharp.

Wayfaring Strangers – Acid Nightmares

The historical masterpiece for mangy heshers and dirtbag thrashers the world over.

Cormorant – Diaspora

A masterful composition of bleak Nordic howls and progressive soundscapes.


No shame; “All I Wanna Do”

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OG slacker anthem right here. Or as one Youtube commenter, Takin Dumps, so succinctly put it, Moms workout jams vol 1.

The Spot: A Giant Dog – “Pile”

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Pulled some OT, crammed back a container of Chinese takeout and cracked a beer. With accompaniment from Pile by Austin’s A Giant Dog, all my spots are hit.

High energy, rhythmic rock ‘n’ roll with deep hooks and sharp teeth. Rip roarin’ fun vibes and choruses to blow your throat out.

Give’r a go below.

Lost the Plot: Aesop Rock, Darkhouse Family & Jackie Shane

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For the last couple weeks I’ve been on a steady streak of new musical consumption but the majority of it has been far to the left of the usual fare posted here. I can’t exactly have an establishment called Church of the Riff and be posting stuff without riffs can I?

But I will anyway. Here’s a taste of where my tastes have been for the last little while.

Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock is a long in the tooth rapper that has been putting out music since the 90’s. His distinct style is staked out by his complex and far reaching lyricism, rapid-fire slabs of dense references and tangential verbiage. It’s like listening to an audio book on fast-forward, delivered with a nasally twang and slapped over some excellent beats. An artist that is definitely not everyone’s cup of coffee, I personally love his shit, the combination of esoteric rhymes and unexpected flows always hit home for me. The album streaming above is his latest, released last year, and you can also check out 2012’s Skelethon on that Bandcamp as well.

Darkhouse Family – The Offering

This is another random stumble from the Bandcamp homepage and was one of my most pleasant surprises this year. Darkhouse Family is the name given to a pair of producers, Metabeats and Jamal, working together on this newest effort, The Offering. A masterclass in electronic fusion and hip-hop instrumentals, these guys weave together myriad influences and sounds over the 11 tracks on this record. Tasteful combinations of live instrumentals and vocals with electronic ambience are weaved together to make some seriously dank grooves. Mellow. Classy. Rock solid.

Jackie Shane – Any Other Way

Another excellent production from the The Numero GroupAny Other Way is a collection of tracks by Jackie Shane, a little-known soul singer who reached her peak in Toronto in the 60’s. A perfect slice of gritty R&B and soul delivered with all that tasty 60’s dirt intact. Easily on par with her contemporaries of the day, there’s plenty of ass-shaking groove and soulful swagger to be found across these 25 tracks.

Random Riffage: SUNFLOWERS – “Castle Spell” – Due 09/02/2018

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Here’s a quick find from tonight’s stumble around the internet.

The band is SUNFLOWERS and the find is question is the first track released from their upcoming album. “Castle Spell” is the title track for this bands newest release scheduled for February 9th of 2018.

Trippy, fuzzed-out garage rock with a psychedelic bent, the track lurches along with stuttering vocals and frothing guitars. Infectious and weird, with lots of funky little touches that make for a real fun listen.

You can give this track a listen below and check back for a full write-up come February.