Ominous Omens: Blood Mist S/T EP

Folks, the music in this post? It’s good shitReal Good Shit. Schedule I federal life sentence good shit. Just had to get that out of the way.

Blood Mist are a newly minted 5 piece band from Baltimore USA. Their self-titled debut EP will be coming out on February 10th through the always excellent Grimoire Records. A self-professed stoner metal band, this fresh quintet brings the bad business to a rapidly expanding and somewhat stagnated genre with 5 tracks of goddamn righteous rock n roll. As Islander would say, this is fucking good pancake.

A slow build opens up “Burn the Trees” leading to a full-pull-cough-your-eyes-red-suck-too-much-resin, exhale and…headbang. Goddamn man, like I’m gonna be biased since I run this shithole called Church of the Riff, but these riffs are the AAA ‘berta beef of riffs. Doesn’t matter if you salt, pepper and flip once or twice, this shit is premium grade.

It has a little bit of a desert rock feel, with the cyclic, droning background riffs but hits way harder with some heavy metal thunder. Think of it like the mountains at the edge of the desert, with the fuzzed-out sandy drones getting tossed up onto the prehistoric stones. It kinda reminds me of the now-defunct Velvet Elvis melted down with a solid helping of High on Fire.

Aside from all 5 tracks being bangers, this EP sounds fucking great to boot. The mix is on point, the vocals in just the right spot and the balance between the two guitars as true as can be. That’s without getting me started on the succulent guitar tones, not too clean or too rough, savoury all the way down.

So yeah, I really fucking dig these guys and can’t wait to see what they produce in the future. You can play “Goblin Overload” from Bandcamp down below or you can head on over to The Ripple Effect to check out the full album stream. As mentioned at the top, you can pick up “Blood Mist” on February 10th through Grimoire Records and I highly suggest you go give them a listen.

Blood Mist Facebook

Grimoire Records Facebook

Happy Fucking New Year

Happy Fucking (late) New Year.

Maybe this next year will see me getting some more content up.

Maybe this next year will see me finally putting that antique bomb shelter to good use.

Who knows!?

So with this late announcement, have some super duper dope ass stoner rock from 2015, discovered thanks to my friend Beau. They have a new album coming out on March 17th if you are so inclined.

Also check out the Youtube channel Beau found this on – Stoned Meadow of Doom – they know whats up.

Demo-litions: Worse

Fun fact, I’ve never actually heard 3 Inches of Blood. I know they’re an OG Canadian metal band that disbanded a couple years past but that’s as far as I go. Burn me at that cross if you wish but that’s just the way it is. So when MetalSucks tells me that three of the former members have gone on to form a new band called Worse, none of their history was driving my expectations of what a new project would sound like.

Blathering aside, this newly minted trio released a triplet of tracks as a demo and I’ll be one of Peter’s pickled peppers if these tracks aren’t some damn fine rippers. The opener – “Beds are Burning the Midnight Oil” – is real strong, digging in with some solid oak riffs and a equally earthen groove. MANLY MAN MOUNTAIN RAWK OH YES, YES INDEED.

But really – that entire opening cut? – drone, feedback, baaaaaawwwsss, feeeedback, RIFF YOU FUCK, RIFF. Ohhhh, sooo goooooooood.

The other two tracks of this little taster rank in at a strong “flannel” on the now patented Textiles Scale for Heavy Music. Nothing groundbreaking, just really fucking badass riff-driven, heavy metal.

So consider me well intrigued for what the future holds. Get some below!



The Final Frontier: Hashed Out – Cosmic Pessimism

Ever heard the joke about the nihilist clown? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter.

Hashed Out are a hardcore punk band from Montreal whose debut EP I have jammed for the last two years. Late nights, tired, mad, cold – those 6 tracks cranked to the threshold of pain always woke me up and cleared my sinuses.

“Cosmic Pessimism” was released in October and is their first full length. First impressions? Dirty. Real fuckin’ dirrrrty. You come up to a certain kind of person and play them this album, they’re gonna look at you cross-eyed and spit on your Walkman. This shit sounds crusty and piss nasty, all rough tones and filthy mix. This gives it the strange characteristic of sounding like shit at low volumes, but get that up loud and yousa in for a gooood time.

Slipping and sliding their way between grindcore, d-beat, crust punk and straight up noise, these guys don’t stop for breath, like not even a smoke break. Just punch, kick, grind, rend and tear into the teddy bears.

Shit like “The Law Down Here” – rips its shirt off flying through the caustic intro only to slam down some fuckin’ vile chug riffs, culminating into a donkey-punching breakdown. SO FILTHY. Everything in one song, grind, d-beat punkers, elephant-marching breakdown. Mix it up and chug ‘er down.

Or the feedback that opens “Bad Dreams”. That shit ain’t no artsy feedback, pulled away just in time before the dB’s getcha. Nah, this shit stabs those eardrums like a rusty steel wire, then dumps your ass in one hell of a circle pit.

I love this album. It’s rough as fuck and gets me stoked to see them live, something you can’t always say. $7 on Bandcamp.

Book of Faces

Precious Metals: WHORES – Gold

Whores have been one of my top bands since I discovered “Ruiner” several years ago and their 2013 release, “Clean”, was my album of the year. Since then I’ve been waiting by the mailbox for more pummelling vitriol from this Atlanta-based band.

“Gold” was released in late October of this year and after my first listen, I was left feeling surprised and a little bit miffed. Their sound had changed! My fickle heart was broken, my emotions left pooling on the carpet like fresh vomit from the dog…

But then I got over myself and spun the album twice more.

For me, “Gold”, is a substantial departure from the sound they had perfected in “Clean”. Their previous output always sounded precise and deliberate. It was crushing, yeah, but everything had its place and never felt rushed for time. You were still getting your skull pounded in but with careful consideration to where the hammer was going to fall.

Ripping open this new release, the pace is upped, the consideration gone and your grey matter spewed on the wall with nary a thought to the cleaning crew. It’s a push into faster territories of punk than they had previously occupied and a switch from measured violence to reckless disregard.

Once I had mentally registered this change of pace, “Gold” quickly became a frequently played album in the weeks that followed. It’s a fucking ripper. Deep hooks, faster grooves, filthy pools of distortion and howling grey-haired angst.

I can’t find a Bandcamp stream (Boo!) but you can check out this stream on Noisey along with an excellent interview with the band’s frontman. Also check out the video for “I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T Shirt” below.

“Tiny little man, tiny little town, tiny little footsteps and a hole in the ground.” Deep cuts.

Brothers in Brutal: No Trust – “Heavy Hand”

I love getting emails from bands to bring music to my attention even with my corpse of a blog and half-assed writing schedule. Case in point, the brotherly brutality of No Trust from San-Diego and their newest EP, “Heavy Hand”.

Sometimes I’ve listened to two-piece bands that put on a good show but have always left me feeling that they were one instrument short of a full stew. Very few duos have knocked my teeth in on the first riff like the album opener “Lift” does. Fuckin’ heavy, real fuckin’ heavy boys. Snare crash and head bash – beautiful.

And no one-trick pony are these guys either, with the rest of this 5-track EP blowing me out of the water. Vocals are on-friggin-point, the mix sounds great, the riffs are bone-breakers and the song structures kept me interested right through to the end. I know there’s probably a little trickery thrown in the recording process to flesh out the sound but this pair puts bands twice their size in the dirt.

Like they say, it’s not the size of the mast…

Get it on Bandcamp and don’t just punch in $0.


Also gotta say I really dig the album art, done by a Mamat Ahee. You can find some more evil visuals over on their Instagram.

It Came…in the mail: WOUNDVAC – They Eat Their Own Young/Rumination flexi

About three months ago (I’m terrible) a band emailed me asking if I’d like to have some music sent my way. I said sure, of course, but neglected to realise that they wanted to send me an honest-to-god physical copy of music. Through the mail. So after digging around through the pile of garbage on the kitchen table to find the address (because I have no idea where I live) I sent it back and proceed to wait.

I don’t actually know when it showed up because I forgot to keep checking the mailbox. So my roommate ended up getting real confused at the envelope addressed to “Church of the Riff”. Anyway, I got the disc and a sweet sticker but was a regular scumbag and let it sit on my desk for another couple weeks.


WOUNDVAC are a grind/hardcore band from Arizona and the envelope contained their sixth release of two new songs on a flexi disc. “They Eat Their Own Young” and “Rumination”.

Both tracks and nasty little rippers that rend and wail through your cranium like any good grindcore should. Short, heavy and fuckin’ efficient, WOUNDVAC make some tasty shit. With these two tracks setting the trend I’m looking forward to what they claw out next.

You can check out these two songs with the Bandcamp stream below or you can head over to their Bandcamp page proper and check out all their other releases, starting with 2014’s excellent self-titled EP.


One Man Army: Hellripper – “Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem”

So a week or two ago I finally went through of all the messages that had piled up and started rotting in my blog email. Most were generic promos that got deleted but plenty got saved for future reference, like this rotten number, “Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem” from Hellripper.

A one-man-band from Scotland, Hellripper is classically styled mix of black and speed metal, with lo-fi demon vocals and plenty of flaming fretboards to flesh out these vicious anthems. I don’t know the classics of this style or even many of the contemporaries but if you stabbed at Toxic Holocaust you would be puncturing the right organ.

12 tracks of fast ‘n’ catchy mayhem with plenty of badass solo work that will leave a big stoopid grin on your face. Check it out below.

Poltergeists of the riff: Red Fang – “Only Ghosts”

Nothing like a day of blowin’ sideways ice pellets and half-assed snow to make cozying up to the computer a more attractive prospect…

“Only Ghosts” is the fourth studio album from Portland-based riffasauruses, Red Fang. 2011’s “Murder the Mountains” has been one of my favourite albums since its release but I was left feeling lukewarm after “Whales and Leeches”, a feeling that has carried over into their newest 10-track romp.

I don’t know what specifically has put me off but I don’t get the same shivers and jives from most of the tracks. It could be the songwriting, it could be the mix but in all probability its just me. For me, it’s not a strong release, for other people it might be their best release to date. Objective reviews don’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t finish the album without a couple goody bags to come back to. “Cut it Short” is a great skronky little number and “Not for You” was stuck in my head for a goddamn week. There’s plenty of good moments to be found but never enough that snapped my neck back. It’s an album I’d drink to but not sit in traffic with.

Take a listen at the player down below and see what you think. You can catch them on tour with Torche and Whores from November into December (If you’re a lucky American).

Vomit Fetish

I’ll having something to say about the new Red Fang release, “Only Ghosts”, later in the week but until then here’s one of my all-time favourites from 2011’s “Murder the Mountains”.

I always loved this album but had passed this song by, giving the other earworms like “Hank is Dead” or “Wires” most of my attention. It wasn’t until I had sat with this album for almost 3 years before this track really jived with me but once it did it went deep.