You just can’t knock that soul: Subway Joe

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Hot, hot shit.



Platypus: Sleaford Mods

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Music is a constantly evolving beast, mutating outwards from its primitive origins in eccentric spirals. As time, technology and culture progressed, music kept pace, fragmenting and crystallizing along a thousand different paths. Since I already call myself a tenant in the derelict and frequently condemned hostel that houses a majority of music that people consider unlistenable noise, I have found that this have given me a much more open temperament to some of the more esoteric evolution’s music has brought forth.

Sleaford Mods have already blown up (They’re in a The Prodigy song. Shit, The Prodigy are still making music?) but are a recent discovery for myself. In terms of platypus-esque evolution, these guys rank damn near the top, with a caustically unique sound that strains the relationship with what you can argue as music versus noise. Their music is as simple and unpretentious as pain; vaguely melodic electronic loops used as propulsive wallpaper for the seething vitriol shout-sung in a thick fucking accent. I can’t help but think of a lyric from Future of the Left; “Our survey says that shouting inanities in a regional accent is valuable to culture. Look at Eastenders, Soccer AM or the Queen’s Speech.”

A weird evolution of slam poetry, lo-fi electronic and punk politics that just works. It’s an angry everyman howling about life and things that piss him off, things that more’n likely piss you off too. The burly accent is a large part as well, one part that’s totally dependant on your preference and background. Raised in Canada, this album hits my ears a certain way but for UK native it probably hits different. The accent is defining feature yes, but only if it sounds like an accent to you, it’s a non-issue if you’re from that part of the world. Usually I wouldn’t waste breath on dissecting this idea but when an accent being used like a lead guitar you have to have this conversation.

They’ve released 10 albums since 2007, you can find one down below along with the video for “Tied Up In Nottz” that spawned this whole spiel.

Rowdy Elegance: Charles Mingus – Blues & Roots

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I am tired. In lieu of any effort on my part, please enjoy one of my all-time favourite jazz albums from the crazed perfectionist himself, Charles Mingus.

A Vulgar Display: Power Trip & Mammoth Grinder

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Bask in the glory of a textbook metal album cover. Not only do we have goat-headed demon gods, the cosmic spectre of death, tortured souls and mysterious hooded figures, we also get some sickly looking galaxies and a subterranean antechamber. This is some goddamn van mural territory and I love it.

The throwback renaissance that started with plain rock and roll has been slowly leeching its way down through the genre’s, boiling up a vulgar banquet of historical aggression and hero worship. Here’s two.

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Crossover thrash is a hooligan genre, taking the best from both basements and blowing the brims back. Having spent many years in love with Tempo Of The Damned and Age of QuarrelPower Trip is like a blast of nostalgic whiplash, bringing me right back to teenaged years spent headbanging with a broken iPod.

Nightmare Logic is their second album after 2013’s Manifest Decimation and continues the brawny trend of clubbing together the shaved heads and greasy locks, a bloodshot monster of guitar worship and forehead bruising enthusiasm.

Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt

Conveniently, Mammoth Grinder makes a great pairing even without the aesthetic similarities, as the drummer of Power Trip fills up the front of Mammoth Grinder (along with members from Iron Reagan). Apparently this same guy, Chris Ulsh, is also in Impalersso yeah, he seems rad.

Cosmic Crypt is badass slab of classic death metal worship carried out by a bunch of shitty punks. Short, to-the-point, propulsive rippers, no air is spared for artistic indulgence or mindless wankery, with all 11 tracks sliding in just under the 30 minute mark. Just mid-tempo charge, charge, FUCKING CHARGE.

Led Fellatio

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I’ve made it quite a few years on this blog without posting up a diatribe but goddammit, my jimmies are rustled and the hounds are out for blood. PUCKER UP SHITHEADS.

This whole spew was kicked off earlier tonight when one of the DJ’s on the local rock station told me that Elton John had commissioned the band Greta Van Fleet to play at his Oscars after party, going to on to say that the band was “..the best rock and roll I’ve heard in twenty fucking years!”. I know that I shouldn’t be getting riled up by what a fucking geriatric peacock has to say but this colourful feather was the one that broke my back.

I have been listening to every goddamn rock radio station around giving slobbery praise to Greta for months on end. A day doesn’t go by that some fucking DJ doesn’t jerk them off, praising the “saviours of rock” or some other trite horseshit. (At this point I should probably digress and mention that Greta may be catching a periphery of the hate I have for modern rock radio but fuck, if it was rational, it wouldn’t be rant) So hearing about mister Crocodile Rock going off with the “best rock in twenty years” spiel really didn’t do good things to my psyche.

Greta Van Fleet piss me off for the simple reason that they sound like Led Zeppelin. Not sound like as in remind, sound like as in the first time I heard them on the radio I legit thought it was a recently discovered Zeppelin b-side. They are a blatant fucking ape of Zeppelin, the vocals, tones, riffs, everything. Which would be fine, if that single fact alone wasn’t what propelled them to mainstream adoration and fame. These guys hit the big time because they sound like Zeppelin. That’s fucking all. Thousands of better bands have been giving their time, dedication and energy to the genre and get blown out of the water by a glorified cover band that appeal to the base instincts of the pop culture hive mind and those fucking boomers.

I’m not trying to say that all bands need to progress the genre, hell I love me some throwback rock just as much as the next heathen. The vast majority of throwback bands get to pick and choose their favourite tidbits from rock history and smash them together into a new but familiar medley. A good throwback band sounds like a time period, not like a stadium cover. Take an easy example like The Sheepdogs, a fine band, solid, derivative throwbacks that can’t be staked down to a single point of origin like Greta can.

Led Zeppelin are a legendary band with massive influence. Key word, fucking influence. Take their shit and learn from it. Bonham’s dead. Move on.

Rambling Word Vomit, Take 2: Annihilation

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So were my initial concerns justified? Was the recently released Annihilation a complete and utter clusterfuck of good intentions and a horrible interpretation of the Southern Reach triology? In a pleasant turn of events, it was none of those things. I’m not going to get into a long dissertation of the film and its merits, there’s plenty of those out already by people much more well versed in cinema than me. Such as A.A. Dowd of The AV Club. This will be just a personal spew, no technicalities included.

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AW FUCK YEAH: Barn Burner @ Pouzza 8

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It’s been 5 long years since the perennial Church favourites, Barn Burner, called it quits, but now, in the long tradition of glory boy reunion shows, you can catch them live once more at Pouzza Fest 8, May 18 to 20th, Montreal QC.

Along with plenty of other bands listed below.

Fuck yeah.

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