Rapid Fire Round Up: Lady Flint, The Phosphorous Bombs & Sun Q

Rapid Fire Round Up is dedicated to not being a scumbag and giving a shoutout to all those bands whose emails have been rotting in my catacombs inbox.

Lady Flint – “All Moves Are Vain”

Lady Flint are a French garage rock duo whose debut I talked about way back in 2014. They have since released their third album, “All Moves Are Vain” in February of this year. 4 more tracks of well constructed blues/garage rock with classic vibes and big grooves. Stripped back a well executed, just the way it should be.

Top Track: “Short Fuse”

The Phosphorous Bombs – “Cancers”

Another excellent Aussie export, I got pointed towards the up-tempo skate punk of The Phosphorous Bombs through one of their members who used to be part of the Jesus Christ Posse. A wicked quick blast of early 90’s punk styled after OGs of the genre like NOFX, Bad Religion, Propagandhi et al, “Cancers” is their newest album, released in July. Building on their first two releases they crank out another 12 tracks of shotgunned RedBull and parking lot kickflips.

Sun Q – “Charms”

Sun Q is a psychedelic/garage band hailing from Russia. They’ve been releasing music in bits and pieces for the last couple years and “Charms” is the first full length culmination of their efforts. Catchy and melodic with a powerful frontwoman and dialed rhythm section, they’re a band punching way above their weight class and could have themselves a very bright future.


The Classics: Bad Religion – “How Could Hell Be Any Worse”

Growing up I was never gave the punk rock grandpas Bad Religion much time. I remember their later albums being fairly popular during my high schools days, I even remember when they were a one of the biggest bands on the last Warped Tour to go through Barrie. But for whatever reason, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I found myself going back through their albums and finding that it was their first from 1982 that really hit home with me.

“How Could Hell Be Any Worse” was their debut album and a classic album for punk rock. I don’t know what specifically it is about this album that draws me too it, as Bad Religion are usually know through their later albums after they had fully developed their sound. A lot of the superficial things about this album hit home for me, the speed, rough mix and loose playing are all quick points I can name but aren’t the real reason I hold this album in high esteem.

Sometimes there’s just an album that clicks with you at a certain point time and stays locked in for years after that. For me, “How Could Hell Be Any Worse” is one of those albums and I can see it staying buried in its own section of grey matter for years to come.

MMOSS – “i”

Here’s another album I’ve been listening to for months but have neglected to put something up about it.

MMOSS are a long-defunct psych band from New Hampshire. I’m not sure of the history or timeline of the band but they have two albums on Bandcamp, 2012’s “Only Children” and the one I’ve been listening to, “i” from 2011.

In recent years the revival of classic hard rock has been huge, with tons of bands throwing back to an older sound of riff driven biker (stoner) rock. Long hair, denim suits, cheap beer and loud rawk.

However, while the vintage burl has been getting its time in the spotlight, what I haven’t seen is the same amount of energy being put into throwbacks to the slightly older, psychedelic sounds of the 60’s. Real hippy shit, with complicated strings, tangential jams and weird ambient interludes. I thought this style was getting ignored, that is until I found MMOSS.

Authenticity in throwback music is a tricky thing to get right, it’s easy to hit all the right sounds but if you don’t manage to get the vibe right then you just end up with a cheap copy. I am totally comfortable saying that MMOSS are one of the most legit throwback bands I’ve ever heard. Listening to their album for the first time was like finding a random album from the 60’s in the bargain bin at the record store. Give it to me blind and ask me the decade and I’d be at a loss.

Tricky melodies, charismatic instrumentals and oh so many ambient interludes. They even have a flautist. There’s legit and then there’s a damn flute. Seriously though, I love this album and it has lulled me to sleep on more than one occasion (not a bad thing). It’s a beautifully played album that perfectly captures the feeling from 50-odd years ago.

Oh Fuck Yeah: Homewrecker – “Extinction By Design”

Had this album for a couple weeks but kept forgetting to put something up about it. Let’s fix that.

I investigated this album based only on how classically gnarly the album cover was. It looked like some unpretentious heavy shit and goddamn, did Homewrecker not disappoint. Formed in 2008 and hailing from Ohio, they released their newest EP “Extinction by Design” in October of last year.

Meaty riffs, brutal solos, biker man-shout vocals, SHREDDING. It’s all there man, everything you need to top off lead sandwhich and fuckin’ rowdy. The EP covers 4 tracks that take up the right amount of time and never stick around long enough to outstay their welcome. Burly, yet efficient.

There’s really no point to wasting more text on this. It’s heavy metal with neck-aching grooves and dope guitar noodling. Its not rocket appliances.


Little Trouble, Big China


Got sent to China for work in late August, got back last week and have finally finished adjusting.  Crazy country , that’s all I got to say about that.

Anyway, lets talk about what I bothered to listen to over those couple weeks on foreign soil.

PUNCH/”They Don’t Have to Believe” – Vicious hardcore punk served in efficient doses. A female-fronted powerhouse that is now sadly defunct, this album rips through you from start to finish with snarling commentary and neck-snapping riffs. Smash, flail, cry, scream.

Inter Arma/”Paradise Gallows” – Bought this one on an impulse since I vaguely knew the name and really liked the cover art. It is a dense fucking beast of an album, an intricately carved monolith of something other than obsidian. There is some supremely weird shit that goes down over these 11 tracks but damn, I had a good time.

Dot/”Erratica” – As much as I’ve grown up listening to rock and metal, a good chunk of that time has been spent behind another fence of hip-hop/electronic/etc. I’ve always had a deep love for Lebowski  instrumentals and “Erratica” is no exception. Chill, smooth backing tracks with excellent compositions and samples, this got me through more than one airport.

The Pilgrims of Weed: Sleep – “Dopesmoker”

Bandcamp really started to take off for me when I could start getting older albums from established bands, instead of having to drag myself through the muck of iTunes. For every batch of new albums I pull from Bandcamp, I always find one or two classics that I had missed out on owning. One such example; “Dopesmoke” by Sleep.

“Dopesmoker” and Sleep in general, are legendary. Their influence on stoner and doom is still felt today and their tracks are just as crushing now as they were close to twenty years ago. Any conversation involving Sleep, or Matt Pike for that matter, will eventually bring you around the the resin-bound tome that is “Dopesmoker”.

A single song, detailing the odyssey of the Weedians to the riff-filled land over an hour of advanced Sabbath worship and danky fucking riffs. It’s an album that wouldn’t be sold by their label, an album that ultimately lead to the breakup of Sleep. It’s a hash burning meditative state, dragging you through the magnificent Sandseas to the grow-room of the temple of Hasheeshian.

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the Smoke toward the Riff filled Land
Drop…out of life with bong in hand
Follow the Smoke toward the Riff filled Land

Fuck, That’s Tight: Beat Cops – “Mean Streets”

Beat Cops are a now defunct Montreal band who I found through the usual random digging on Bandcamp. The title is a pretty accurate summation of my thoughts the first time I heard them, these guys are some of the tightest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of listening too.

Right from the opener “Emotional” to the closing of “Back in Time”, they are on fucking point through every single track. Everything has it place and is played to perfect, making even the most obtuse of grooves work. It’s like math rock but overlayed with the style of 70’s arena funk band.

The goddamn organ solo on “Hit it Again”. So unexpected. So good.

This album is tagged only with “rock” on Bandcamp which does a disservice to how technical these guys get. Its all such a pleasure to listen to, muscular musicality without turning into flashy wank.

It saddens me that they went belly up but I am happy that this flash was caught in the amber. $10 CAD.

Melancholy Fun: Tyrannamen S/T

I’ve been finding most of my new music by going through suggested followers on Bandcamp. I don’t know the algorithm that they are using but it has been yielding me a steady stream of new favourites.

A couple of these suggested folks are hailing from Australia, which produced that previous post about Clowns and todays post about the soulful punk of Tyrannamen. Thier self-titled album was released in November of last year and has stuck itself in my head for days at a time.

Their style is not usually the one I find myself drawn too, as I usually skip the memorable melodies for neanderthal riffs but for some reason (probably age) this album has fit home like a well-worn pair of underwear.

From the opening of “I Can’t Read Your Mind” to the simple truth in “I Don’t Want To Go To Jail”, Tyrannamen pack together loose tones and convincing vocals, wrapped together with an energetic and dance-able rhythm. This all pushed through a perfect organic mix, with an honest live feel and clarity across the band.

I dunno if I’m getting soft or old but its nice to be able use this blog as benchmark for how my listening has changed. Either way, this album rules and you can get in for 4 GBP on Bandcamp.


Nihilism; A Systems Approach: The Sun Through a Telescope and portrayal of guilt

Time for two bands who have emailed me many, many months ago, with me letting their emails rot in my inbox like the scumbag I am. So let’s drag these carcasses out into the light and see what we got here.

portrayal of guilt – S/T

These guys are from Texas and released a self-titled EP in May. They use the mentality and brutality of grindcore but at a slower pace, which is a big plus for me. The usual adjectives apply; howling, scathing, violent and crushing but with the rare inclusion of concise and well-tailored.

In short; Angsty grindcore black-metal with tight songs and strong grooves. $1 on Bandcamp.

The Sun Through a Telescope – Black Hole Smile

This is a one-man recording project from Ottawa who does doom/drone/sludge but not black metal, which is what usually comes up. I will be completely honest in saying that I never got around to listening to the whole album and instead took a choice sampling of tracks throughout. However! Everything I sampled I did enjoy and found a good balance between the more estorotic drone elements and the neanderthal headbanging.

In short; Kinda like Old Man Gloom but different. And only one dude. $7 on Bandcamp.