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Happy Fucking New Year

Happy Fucking (late) New Year.

Maybe this next year will see me getting some more content up.

Maybe this next year will see me finally putting that antique bomb shelter to good use.

Who knows!?

So with this late announcement, have some super duper dope ass stoner rock from 2015, discovered thanks to my friend Beau. They have a new album coming out on March 17th if you are so inclined.

Also check out the Youtube channel Beau found this on – Stoned Meadow of Doom – they know whats up.

So it goes

Get up.

Hit snooze.

Get up again.

Hit snooze again.

Get up.


Start the car. Drive the car. Park the car.

Buy the coffee. Drink the coffee. Piss the coffee out.

Punch in. Punch out. Punch in. Punch out.

Start the car. Drive the car. Park the car.

Eat or Sleep or Internet or Wrench.


Get up.


Starting this blog in 2nd year university, I thought I’d never have a reason to stop writing. Reality is a bitch and so is working for a living.

Things are a little more calm now. Maybe something will get produced?

Don’t hold your breath.

……oh, hi there



For starters, I’m not sorry for avoiding posting for the last three months or so. The following is an explanation of why.

I live in a rural area of Southern Ontario. Our climate is the classic Canadian hodgepodge of almost comfortable summers and intolerably cold winters.

From just about November through to April, the outside world becomes a rather nasty place. Howling maelstroms of snow and deep-set frosts that nip at your heels like a pack of starving wolves, it is not a hospitable time to spend outside. (Yeah I’m fucking exaggerating. It’s still damn cold.)

Come late April, a rather wonderful thing happens; the frigid temperature snaps like brittle bone and the snow begins to melt away to reveal all sorts of wonderful colours. Well, mostly brown, grey and green-tinged yellow as the continental amount of road salt and sand starts to get washed away into our soil, creeks and lakes. But I digress.

Continue reading ……oh, hi there

The Summer Sledgehammer.

Hi there.

So like, summer hit me pretty fucking hard.

Work from 6 – 2:30 or 8 – 5, then run around building things, breaking things, drinking things, eating things or riding things. The causalities of all this? Sleep and internet time.

I’m still jamming music pretty much all the time but what I don’t have time for is finding new stuff and writing words about it. The internet is the first thing that gets the hacksaw when the sun comes out so the next couple months will be quite sparse.

I’ll still drop some reviews when the rain turns sideways, so maybe like once or twice a month. Consider this a graduation sabbatical.


Buying random $5 records has been yielding some damn good treasures, such as this ten minute B-side jam from Rare Earth.


Fresh Jams: Tumbleweed Dealer – Resurrected Yet Again

Tumbleweed Dealer are a Montreal-based post-stoner band whose music I talked about both here and here. Their sound is all dead cowboys, dark skies, hostile deserts and whole damn fuckton of weed smoke.

They have a new record coming out near the end of this May and have released a track in celebration of that coming date. A re-recording of a song from their demo, “Resurrected Yet Again”, gets a fresh Tumbleweed Dealer treatment, with re-worked grooves and crisp instrumentation fleshing things out from the first draft.

The track also comes with a sick poster courtesy of Alexandre Goulet, which absolutely nails the whole evil-desert, mummified cowboy theme that the music brings to mind. A slow, cyclical march to a freshly dug grave, with unsteady footsteps in the sand leading off into the distance.

You can give the track a gander below and use it as some background music to get started rolling joints for the full album release coming later this month.

Tumbleweed Dealer Facebook








Fuck Clouds: Trash Talk release “Cloudkicker”

The shit disturbers that make up the NY hardcore band Trash Talk are gearing up to release their newest album, “NO PEACE” on May 27th. The first track to be released from the album, “Cloudkicker”, is streaming right below.

Grizzly as fuck, drenched in sweat and spittin’ blood. Trash Talk always manage to conjure a tough-as-nails sound in their grooves and “Cloudkicker” is no exception. It’s got a slightly weird background-groan chorus but past that, it rips shit and that’s all you need to know.

On a related note, I recently got to see these guys live at the Opera House in support of Dillinger Escape Plan. Fucking good show. From the first song the singer was in the middle of the pit conducting orchestrated chaos surrounded by colliding bodies. Badass moment of the night was him telling the entire audience to sit down and light up while they played “Hash Wednesday”. Spliffs were circulated while we all parked our asses on a beer-stained floor. Props to the Opera House for not being fascists and trying to shut it down.

Holy Crap. Stuff Happened.

Long weekend, then reading week.

Oh. Oh yeah.

I also got bored today and tiddled around with the look of the place. I like it, for now I guess. The menu, with links to categories and such can be found by clicking the button in the top right corner. Blogroll and archives are at the bottom of the page on the right side. Comment if you think this layout is horrible but I think it’s easier to read, which was the goal.

I do have new music in the pipeline, which is getting written about now and then rolled out in the following weeks. Solid albums all ’round.

Other than that I’ll try to get some more posts out this week, before school jumps back in and tries to steal my cookies.


Oh shit. It’s been 2 years

After staggering in from a wonderful weekend excursion and logging into my WordPress account, I was promptly informed that it was 2 friggin’ years ago today, that I starting puking out words into the inter-hole. That seems like a long-ass time to me, one that kinda snuck up as I was only really paying attention to how long I was in school.

Anyway, according to the numbers I’ve amassed 28,978 views, 316 comments and published 251 posts of wildly varying quality. I’m fairly proud of this, even with the massive sabbatical I took around this time last year. I don’t have any intention of stopping however, as I’m happy with the pace I’ve been keeping and will hopefully be able to keep it up into the future.

So with all that, thanks to anyone who actually reads this and I’ll probably get around to some new music later in the week.

Until then, enjoy this.

Curtains. Time for a bonfire

Last night was our final Christmas dinner, signifying the end to yet another holiday season with a sink full of dirty dishes and bountifully overstuffed bellies. I’m not gonna lie, this was an exceptionally excellent holiday season for reasons that don’t have a goddamn thing to do with Christmas. Now all I need is my marks to see how fucked I am.

Musically I’ve cranked through several albums in the last week and half. Two of those albums I’ve already written reviews for and published (Major Kong and Last Fair Deal). The other three are some real fuckin’ choice cuts, so I’ll post those as a rapid fire later today.

In other random news:

– I kicked off the holidays with a show from The Flatliners and it was hands down the most fun I’ve had since Kvelertak. Endless drunk stage dives from the band and crowd and a stupid amount of energy that is rarely present at any metal show. Some dad even brought his kid out for his first punk rock show. Good times all ’round.

– I was lucky enough to have my year end list posted over at NoCleanSinging, where they are in the midst of their annual ListMania series. Head on over to check out my choices for the top 15 albums along with the best riff, chorus and solo.

And of course, a song or two to close things out.