Corpse Fungus: Tomb Mold – “Cryptic Transmissions”

Sometimes there is an itch that can’t just be scratched by traditional methods. The kind of itch that doesn’t require mild skin irritation, but gaping tears in your flesh and a carpet matted with blood. That itch is death metal and I’ve been gouging it out with Toronto’s own Tomb Mold.

Usually I don’t fall head over heels for any death metal band but Cryptic Transmissions has got me stumbling down the steps to my doom. Tomb Mold strike the perfect blend of horrific ambience, technical bravado and neolithic groove. It’s a gnarly, old-school feel that is further enhanced by the generous coating of scuzz on the mix that adds all of the requisite flavour but keeps the equally important fidelity intact.

These two tracks are great examples of how vibrant death metal can be. Songs that stretch out into the 6 or 7 minute run time but still manage to be captivating for the duration and don’t leave you with a headache from the blast beats and drum triggers. Packed full of stunning moments like the breakdown and distorted solo starting at 3:00 in “Blood Mirror” or the entire opening of “Chamber of Sacred Ootheca”.

Ultimately, this is a fucking excellent release from a fucking excellent band. Get it.



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