Fuck, That’s Tight: Beat Cops – “Mean Streets”

Beat Cops are a now defunct Montreal band who I found through the usual random digging on Bandcamp. The title is a pretty accurate summation of my thoughts the first time I heard them, these guys are some of the tightest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of listening too.

Right from the opener “Emotional” to the closing of “Back in Time”, they are on fucking point through every single track. Everything has it place and is played to perfect, making even the most obtuse of grooves work. It’s like math rock but overlayed with the style of 70’s arena funk band.

The goddamn organ solo on “Hit it Again”. So unexpected. So good.

This album is tagged only with “rock” on Bandcamp which does a disservice to how technical these guys get. Its all such a pleasure to listen to, muscular musicality without turning into flashy wank.

It saddens me that they went belly up but I am happy that this flash was caught in the amber. $10 CAD.


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