Demo-litions: Worse

Fun fact, I’ve never actually heard 3 Inches of Blood. I know they’re an OG Canadian metal band that disbanded a couple years past but that’s as far as I go. Burn me at that cross if you wish but that’s just the way it is. So when MetalSucks tells me that three of the former members have gone on to form a new band called Worse, none of their history was driving my expectations of what a new project would sound like.

Blathering aside, this newly minted trio released a triplet of tracks as a demo and I’ll be one of Peter’s pickled peppers if these tracks aren’t some damn fine rippers. The opener – “Beds are Burning the Midnight Oil” – is real strong, digging in with some solid oak riffs and a equally earthen groove. MANLY MAN MOUNTAIN RAWK OH YES, YES INDEED.

But really – that entire opening cut? – drone, feedback, baaaaaawwwsss, feeeedback, RIFF YOU FUCK, RIFF. Ohhhh, sooo goooooooood.

The other two tracks of this little taster rank in at a strong “flannel” on the now patented Textiles Scale for Heavy Music. Nothing groundbreaking, just really fucking badass riff-driven, heavy metal.

So consider me well intrigued for what the future holds. Get some below!




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