Brothers in Brutal: No Trust – “Heavy Hand”

I love getting emails from bands to bring music to my attention even with my corpse of a blog and half-assed writing schedule. Case in point, the brotherly brutality of No Trust from San-Diego and their newest EP, “Heavy Hand”.

Sometimes I’ve listened to two-piece bands that put on a good show but have always left me feeling that they were one instrument short of a full stew. Very few duos have knocked my teeth in on the first riff like the album opener “Lift” does. Fuckin’ heavy, real fuckin’ heavy boys. Snare crash and head bash – beautiful.

And no one-trick pony are these guys either, with the rest of this 5-track EP blowing me out of the water. Vocals are on-friggin-point, the mix sounds great, the riffs are bone-breakers and the song structures kept me interested right through to the end. I know there’s probably a little trickery thrown in the recording process to flesh out the sound but this pair puts bands twice their size in the dirt.

Like they say, it’s not the size of the mast…

Get it on Bandcamp and don’t just punch in $0.


Also gotta say I really dig the album art, done by a Mamat Ahee. You can find some more evil visuals over on their Instagram.


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