Poltergeists of the riff: Red Fang – “Only Ghosts”

Nothing like a day of blowin’ sideways ice pellets and half-assed snow to make cozying up to the computer a more attractive prospect…

“Only Ghosts” is the fourth studio album from Portland-based riffasauruses, Red Fang. 2011’s “Murder the Mountains” has been one of my favourite albums since its release but I was left feeling lukewarm after “Whales and Leeches”, a feeling that has carried over into their newest 10-track romp.

I don’t know what specifically has put me off but I don’t get the same shivers and jives from most of the tracks. It could be the songwriting, it could be the mix but in all probability its just me. For me, it’s not a strong release, for other people it might be their best release to date. Objective reviews don’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t finish the album without a couple goody bags to come back to. “Cut it Short” is a great skronky little number and “Not for You” was stuck in my head for a goddamn week. There’s plenty of good moments to be found but never enough that snapped my neck back. It’s an album I’d drink to but not sit in traffic with.

Take a listen at the player down below and see what you think. You can catch them on tour with Torche and Whores from November into December (If you’re a lucky American).


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