Trollops, Harlots and WHORES – “Baby Teeth”

I was sitting here with a spare hour to kill and decided to trawl the digital sewers to see if I could find anything worth writing about.

New Whores track? Yeah, that’ll do.

WHORES are an Atlanta-based noise rock trio that have been one of the fucking best bands in heavy music over the last couple years. Both “Ruiner” in 2011 and “Clean” in 2013 have been in constant rotation through my ears. Waiting three years for the next album has been a long haul, the only consolation being a Toronto show they played last winter.

I can’t really give them shit (other than more Canadian dates) as these motherfuckers have been touring close to non-stop for the last three years, stripping back the fat and greasing up their claws to pop out their newest album, “Gold”, slated for release on October 28th.

“Baby Teeth” is the first track getting shown to the world and goddamn, it doesn’t disappoint. I could sit here thinking of several different ways to describe this track and drown you in too many adjectives, or you can skip my rabble, scroll down and hit fuckin’ play bud.

Billy Joel said it best, “… you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine …”


One Response to “Trollops, Harlots and WHORES – “Baby Teeth””

  1. Good find. Not the biggest fan of the lo-fi filtered vocals, but like the instrumentation and the vox did fit pretty well

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