Double Fucked Feature – LOVGUN and Naileater

Dug through some of the more recent emails in my neglected blog email (seriously, it smells like a bag of vomit locked in a hot car over the weekend) and pulled out a literally quick double feature.


French grindcore that occasionally interrupts the regular onslaught with some sped-up punk riffs. The combination is kickass and balances out your accelerating circle pit with a groove you can get your knuckles around, all in under 60 seconds.

Fast punk? Slow powerviolence? Who the fuck cares. GET PISSED. PUNCH THE WALL. REALISE THAT HURT. DO IT AGAIN.

Naileater – Chains

Real fuckin’ nasty hardcore punk from Austria. Vocalist really sounds like Lemmy through some parts, others he sounds like a chain smoking gorilla. Four songs, all done in under 10 minutes. I wasn’t kidding about the quick double feature.

The brevity actually makes me love these songs a lot more. I can easily imagine a band dragging out a real similar sound over 6 minutes a song – which can be great but can also be aurally exhausting. Two minutes thirty? Fuck yeah, my neck won’t even get sore. (I’m kidding, my neck is old and I will complain)

But really, Naileater is some damn good shit, just fuckin’ full-speed-freight-train-heavy-good-time. Also there’s a song called “Bonesaw”.


For those of you that might notice – both of these bands have their albums up for a name-your-price option. Don’t be tightwad and put a number other than 0 in that field.


One Response to “Double Fucked Feature – LOVGUN and Naileater”

  1. Bonesaw is a rippin track…..BOOOOOONNE SAAAAAAWWWWWWW

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