Dead Quiet – Foul Words

Found this video floating around today and it reminded me of the first post I made on this venture – Sometime in 2012 – about one of my favourite bands at the time, Barn Burner. A band that got me to develop nipple-length greasy locks and a craving for cheap beer swilled from cans.

Barn Burner dissolved a couple of years ago, playing their last Toronto show at the Bovine and giving me a reason to get real piss wasted. Later on I found one of the founding members moved out west and started a new band, Dead Quiet.

Blood ‘n’ thunder riffs, mountainous melodies and rippin’ breakdowns – get the album and watch the video down below.

Dead Quiet Bandcamp

Hat tip to the track “Remaining Remains”. A strong eulogy for one of the most badass frontman to have graced this rock.


One Response to “Dead Quiet – Foul Words”

  1. I said this last time you came back, “good to seeya back”. Working life is a bitch.


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