……oh, hi there



For starters, I’m not sorry for avoiding posting for the last three months or so. The following is an explanation of why.

I live in a rural area of Southern Ontario. Our climate is the classic Canadian hodgepodge of almost comfortable summers and intolerably cold winters.

From just about November through to April, the outside world becomes a rather nasty place. Howling maelstroms of snow and deep-set frosts that nip at your heels like a pack of starving wolves, it is not a hospitable time to spend outside. (Yeah I’m fucking exaggerating. It’s still damn cold.)

Come late April, a rather wonderful thing happens; the frigid temperature snaps like brittle bone and the snow begins to melt away to reveal all sorts of wonderful colours. Well, mostly brown, grey and green-tinged yellow as the continental amount of road salt and sand starts to get washed away into our soil, creeks and lakes. But I digress.

Once this period of dull brown has worn itself down, green begins to appear. T-shirts being the norm, your long underwear gets peeled off your body and washed for the first time in months and your skin, hair and eyes collectively loose their shit as the sun comes out and the world turns green.

Now those aforementioned months of bitter cold, buried driveways and snot-frozen moustaches is an excellent time to lock yourself away inside and do nice, warm, house-y things. Such as finding, listening and writing about all sorts of new/old/interesting music.

However, once the winter curfew is lifted, a province of people bolt for their doors and gasping down the spring air like a drowning victim they survey the limitless potential of 6 solid months of weather that doesn’t suck. I am one of those people, so come shorts and sunshine, my ass is out the door and the internet tumbles down the priority list like a rock climber loosing their grip in the outback.

Between work eating up 8 hours of my day and the outside world eating up the rest, I ain’t got the time to do the writing. I have still been collecting plenty of bitchin’ tunes and listening to them when the time is ripe, but that’s where I end up stopping.

I’m not sorry for this but I’m writing this piece just to say I will be back. Come the short days and cold winds, my ass will retreat to its naturally formed spot in the sofa, whisky will find my glass and my fingers will find the keyboard.

So to all the bands that have emailed me review request and to anyone who still cares, I very much appreciate the attention and will be returning the favour later in the year.

For now, I leave you with not music but the trailer for Mad Max; Fury Road. Which was simultaneously the most badass, exciting and jizz-worthy thing I’ve seen all year. As a fan of the original, I’m downright rabid for this one.


One Response to “……oh, hi there”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    good to seeya back.


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