Fresh Streams: King Buzzo – This Machine Kills Artists

Generally speaking, acoustic albums tend be laughably bad, either being a horrible collection of romantic ballads or half-assed campfire songs. As such, I never really pay attention whenever I see one being released. Until I saw King Buzzo himself was releasing one, then I paid attention.

Without jerking the guy off more than he already gets, King Buzzo is a fucking monster of a guitarist, driving both grunge and sludge metal along from the underground for the better part of three decades. His style is all strummed burl, with very little fancy picking or solos to be found. The man churns out riffs with a strange tenacity that seems to have only gotten better with age.

“This Machine Kills Artists” is his first acoustic album, only him and a classic wooden clunker. One might think it strange to hear the driving force behind some of heavy music’s most distorted and jarring riffs to be behind the helm of a much more delicate instrument, wondering how in the hell his style would translate mediums. I can assure you, it translates fucking perfectly.

The sound is something resembling acid folk but can’t really be nailed down to any one musical camp, a Buzzo trademark at this point. His playing style and the acoustic create a strange but delicious sound that is equal parts eerie and aggressive. Jangled and rough-hewn, the riffs are churned out with the kind of force you would expect, leaving me to wonder what the hell they reinforced his guitar with.

I’m only halfway through the stream now and have to start getting ready for work tomorrow, so this won’t be a full review. More of me just wanting to tell people to go listen while they can because these are some damn good tunes.

Stream right here at Dangerous Minds. 


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