Fresh Jams: Tumbleweed Dealer – Resurrected Yet Again

Tumbleweed Dealer are a Montreal-based post-stoner band whose music I talked about both here and here. Their sound is all dead cowboys, dark skies, hostile deserts and whole damn fuckton of weed smoke.

They have a new record coming out near the end of this May and have released a track in celebration of that coming date. A re-recording of a song from their demo, “Resurrected Yet Again”, gets a fresh Tumbleweed Dealer treatment, with re-worked grooves and crisp instrumentation fleshing things out from the first draft.

The track also comes with a sick poster courtesy of Alexandre Goulet, which absolutely nails the whole evil-desert, mummified cowboy theme that the music brings to mind. A slow, cyclical march to a freshly dug grave, with unsteady footsteps in the sand leading off into the distance.

You can give the track a gander below and use it as some background music to get started rolling joints for the full album release coming later this month.

Tumbleweed Dealer Facebook


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