Lean & Mean: Lady Flint – S/T

Lazy as all fuck this week. All the official assignments are handed in, so now I can get to the unofficial, yet way more fun, reviews.

Lady Flint are a French blues rock duo who released their debut album during February of this year. A tried and true guitar/voc and drummer tag-team, they crank out sleazy little ditties about sex, drugs, booze and the problems they entail. Ragged around the edges and just a little loose in execution, this is perfect bootstomp-n-hollar roadhouse music.

A recipe for good blues rock can be broken down into three key ingredients; riffs, guitar/vocal tone and the backbone groove. Two of the three are the bare minimum for good tunes and nailing the trio puts you into righteous territory. While Lady Flint may not have hit the hat-trick yet, they have got themselves well on the right path to realizing that goal.

I’ve been humming one of their songs all afternoon, which is a strong testament to their ability to write properly infectious tracks with the simple and rugged melodies blues rock is known for. Their approach is straightforward and the tracks are lean and cut back, with little musical fat to get in the way.

“Not a Wise Man” has some excellent guitar play in the back half of the track, along with a hilarious opening sample (Eastbound and Down I think?). The opener, “Scare Off Crows”, kicks into a sick breakdown with a classic hollar and snare drop, nailing the slightly drunken vibe all rock ‘n’ roll strives to obtain.

Each of these tracks has its own key hook that digs in deep from the opening licks and keeps its appearance up throughout the rest of the song. A trait that used to be commonplace in rock ‘n’ roll but has made itself scarce as bands dove in new, abstract directions. It’s refreshing then, listening to these tracks that pair their blatant simplicity with excellent songwriting and plenty of heart.

This is a strong debut from this new duo and lays down some solid, if slightly predictable, groundwork for them to build from. Music like this sounds exponentially better live and I see no problems for these guys to be packing bars and keeping the crowd alive for nights to come.

Name-your-own-price on Bandcamp, you know the rules, don’t be a scrooge. Listen and links below.




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