Modern Muscle: Home – Bound To Gravity

Evening there. Music? Music.

Home are a band from Austria who released their debut album “Bound To Gravity” during February of this year. Stylistically they fall into that currently booming space filled with hybrids of math, hardcore, noise and sludge. I really need to think of a sharp name for this genre because I both love it and am tired of listing off all of the various influences. Gnarcore? Sluthcore? Hard sludge? Sloise? But I digress.

Their take on this style is more straightforward than some of their other eclectic contemporaries. All the core elements are here; heavy motherfuckin’ riffs, dynamic time changes, a herd of elephants for a low end and gruff barking through the vocal score. However this isn’t one of those bands that aim to peel your face like an apple with off-kilted instrumentality, we’re talking basic math here, not doctorate calculus.

For me, this is a nice change. All of their songs except for the closer are concise and to the point, with heavy emphasis on the grooves and rhythms as opposed to technical wizardry. There is also very little feedback, harsh ambiance or electronic sampling that has become a calling card for this style. Instead, Home bring a heavy handed assault that skips the kung-fu and goes right for your throat.

In ways their sound is reminiscent of the gods of noise-math-core, Keelhaul. Chunky, blunderbuss guitar sections hewn from granite and arranged at oddly ear-pleasing angles, syncopated together with a random assortment of grooves and played real fuckin’ loud. It’s the sonic burl, the aural equivalent of Paul Bunion wrestling a bear, that really gives “Bound To Gravity” its flavor.

The entire back of half of the album is solid, “Not Even Me” has a rough ‘n’ tumble thrash section thrown into a real dirty sludge groove, which carries through to a high pace exit.  “Old Hand” has a fucking heavy opening riff section that gets a real whiplash groove started and holds it together for the rest of the track. This is the first track that also shows Home starting to crank it a bit more math, with a cyclical guitar line wound in with the Paul Bunion burl mentioned earlier.

“Kyoto” is another banger, with plenty of fancy, but not too fancy, guitar work that smashes its way around the room at whatever goddamn pace it feels like. Cavalry gallops are seamlessly blended into a steel-toed drudge with nary a fumble or musical misstep. Home have got their shit down and are more than competent when it comes to gettin’ a little weird with the dynamics.

The shortest track, “Horsecable”, is also my favorite. It has some of the weirdest dynamics and best riffs on the album, opens with a dirty bass lick, spins a circle-pit up to terminal velocity and then brings it all together with a foundation-quaker of an exit note. It is a really, really solid track that swings way above its weight class and into the megaton range.

“Bound To Gravity” is a righteous debut album with plenty of promise among the iron-shod rhythms. It’s a big ‘ole Sasquatch of an album, 8 feet tall, covered in hair and reeking of beer, campfire smoke and reefer. Like that time you threw and anvil off a roof just to see what would happen, Home will leave plenty of dents in the pavement and quite possibly your neighbors car.

Name-your-price on Bandcamp, so don’t be a scrooge and cough up some change, lest Paul Bunion finds you a suitable replacement for a toothpick.





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