Been Jammin’: East of the Wall and American Sharks

Still getting pounded by school. I managed to snag a free hand to whip this together.

I have a ton of promising bands sitting in my inbox but I really don’t have the time to sit down and write stuff in depth about much of anything. What spare time I do find, I’ve been jamming a couple of releases that I had been sitting on for a while. So without further ado, MUSIC.

East of the Wall had been slipping me by for a while and it wasn’t until finding a completely different band featuring some of their members (The fucking fabulous El Drugstore) that I actually bothered to get off my ass and give these guys a listen.

Hot fucking damn. What was I waiting for?

A gorgeous combination of modern heavy, post and progressive music, all wrapped together with professional aplomb and righteous instrumental prowess. Structured chaos, with lightening-fast shred work contrasted against some neck-snapping groove sections, this is an insanely memorable and unique album. The vocals run the gamut from hoarse barks to smooth croons, without every sounding out of place or disconcerting. Again, I don’t have the time to fully splooge all over this thing, but yeah. Fuckin’ listen.


And now for the complete opposite end of the spectrum, American Sharks. Groove-laden, hesh-as-fuck, throwback stoner rock. You know the formula by now and American Sharks wrote their fuckin’ thesis on this shit. Drunk, greasy, leather jackets, tight pants and PIZZA. SO MUCH PIZZA. It’s good shit. The whole album is under twenty minutes, is catchier than the plague and will groove your grandmother outta her panties. Pound brews and riff hard.

Oh, this video is cool too:


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