Holy shit drum cam: Mutoid Man – Scavengers

Musicians are impressive people. They create brain-pleasing and head-rocking sounds from thin air, conjuring and manipulating notes and melodies like some sort of voodoo witch doctor. Or at least that’s what it looks like to a layman like me. Sure, someone with musical training can pick apart the songs, analyze the playing and deconstruct the song, but I much prefer to be that slack-jawed ape in the audience, throwing horns and headbanging at the sheer wizardry of it all.

Mutoid Man‘s debut didn’t immediately catch me ear when it was released but it has been slowly growing on me, working its way into my regular rotation. “Scavengers” is the second track from their album and is a prime example of all the math-punk-distortion goodness these guys have on tap. So strap a Go-Pro to your drummers chest and you’re pretty much guaranteed a good time.

Listen and purchase the whole album below:


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