Moving Pictures: KEN mode – The Terror Pulse

The Winnipegian noise-rockers KEN mode just released a new video for a track from their most recent album, “Entrench”. That record holds a spot on my 2013 year-end list and the song that became the target for this video is easily one of my top tracks from the release.

The video is directed by Christopher Mills who was also responsible for the video for “Secret Vasectomy” from the same album. I didn’t really dig that video all that much but this new clip is fucking excellent. Using a really strange and distorted animation style that blends stop-motion, kindergarten art and 2.5D characters, the eclectic and psychotic nature of the video sits comfortably with the carnage KEN mode are pumping out.

It’s jerky, angular and mildly discomforting, blurring the line between a coherent visual and just pure brain static. The pacing is also spot on, with the animation spurting along at the same conflicted pace as the music. It starts out following some vague story of the band being implanted in their van, which then turns into a space ship. Then some other weird shit happens involving a psychedelic kindergarten art show, giant skeletons swimming through a forest and some little blue pills, among other things.

Glance your googlers below.


2 Responses to “Moving Pictures: KEN mode – The Terror Pulse”

  1. Hey, can I use your splendid review as the synopsis of this video when I enter it into festivals and stuff if I quote where it came from?

    Your pal,

    Christopher Mills.

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words man. For sure you can use it as the synopsis, if you could link back to me that would be doubly excellent.

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