Leave the sleeves at home: Powered Wig Machine – Supa-Collider

Powered Wig Machine are an Arizona-based stoner rock outfit whose EP, “Bearded Goddess” I reviewed a while back. March 6th will be the date of their newest release, titled “Supa-Collider” and filled with seven tracks of classically styled, fuzzed-out desert rock that is their specialty. Lots of burl and denim with little frivolity or prancing around, it’s the soundtrack to a endless biker meets and rickety saloons.

First things first. “Supa-Collider” is not a progressive album. It is heavily steeped in the tradition of all the delta greats that came before it and makes no qualms about wearing those back patches proud. A modern interpretation of the bigger riffs and bigger beards that dominated the early days of the genre, Powered Wig Machine are riff worshipers through and through, a trait that helps them keep cranking out tasty licks track after track.

The riffs and the whole album for that matter, are tough, deep and slow, packing plenty of low-end in their mellow might. The rock is of a very relaxed sort, heavy grooves with a relaxed execution. This is an album that would be just as suited to a solid backyard BBQ as it would be in the jukebox of a back road dive. These aspects give the whole album a very smooth taste, one that sits comfortably on your palate without tearing too much shit up.

“Brain of Hank Pym” is the closer and the standout track for me, packing some of the best grooves and guitar works on the album, with a cyclical rthym section and chorus giving plenty of room to launch into fretboard tangents. However none of the other tracks are slouches, with each packing at least one solid riff and catchy groove to time your head-nods to.

All in all, “Supa-Collider” is a nice little piece of work, with plenty for fans of the genre or newcomers to enjoy. It is a slower and smoother entry with a lot of accessibility and wide-ranging appeal. You can stream two tracks right now, “At The Helm of Hades” and “Here Come the Freaks”, with the whole shebang going live on March 6th. Links below!




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