Stormy Skies: Cavern – Tales of Ruin

See? More new content just like I promised. Sometimes I get stuck in wonderful ruts of older music and sometimes I just don’t have any luck finding new bands to write about. However the last week has been bringing me solid releases and the EP “Tales of Ruin” from the Maryland-based Cavern adds one more to that list. Another band that are blurring the lines between genres, taking whatever steps they feel necessary to make some fresh grooves.

The base recipe is still the same, big burly guitars, a grizzly low end and hefty amounts of fuzz and distortion all ’round. Cavern draw their distinctions by going in a much more post-metal direction, as opposed to just cranking up the burl and smashing skulls together. Their music shows careful restraint and direction, with an air of serious focus about the whole affair.

“Tales of Ruin” conjures up images of dark and stormy seas, industrial areas during a heavy rainstorm and dilapidated and broken houses. Their sound could be described as a hybrid between the crushing emotional distortion of a band like Russian Circles and the pop/prog sludge styling of Big Business or Tweak Bird (the closer on this EP is a cover of the former).

For me the standout part of their music is the extended instrumental tangents that litter this release. They pack together simple yet dynamic grooves, each shift lulling you deeper into the track. It’s a clever use of the traditional heavy riffs and makes things interesting without getting brain-blisteringly complex. Hearing some heavier and more elaborate jams in the future would suit me just fine.

I definitely enjoyed this EP but found myself just wanting a little bit more. Analytically they sound quite good and seem to have a solid sense of the direction they are headed but I don’t think they have quite reached that point yet. This is still a solid release from an eager bunch of young-bloods and I’m confident they’re going to have some stellar releases in the future. “Tales of Ruin” will be released on cassette and digitally on March 4th through Grimoire Records, whose link you can find below.




One Response to “Stormy Skies: Cavern – Tales of Ruin”

  1. James Blank Says:

    Cavern slays!!!!!

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