Dinner and a movie: Organ Trail and Grindhouse Horrors

Now from anyone who has read this site can probably figure out, I don’t really listen to that much “brutal” music. Things like grindcore, slam, brutal death and all the other flesh-rending monster of the heavy music world have never really tickled me ears on a regular basis. However there’s always exceptions to that rule and sometimes all I’m looking for is some old fashioned murder, mutilation and malevolence.

The exception to the rule today is Organ Trail, denizens of the NILBOG (otherwise known as Pennsylvania/Maryland) and purveyors of an unrelenting deluge of septic riffs and gore-squishing vocals. Their self-titled debut is five tracks of thrash, grind and brutal fucking murder. Short, malicious and efficient, this is the sound track to thousands of B-rate horror movies.

With tongue firmly in decapitated-cheek, this EP lurches forward with sadistic momentum, trampling children and popping skulls like grapes. The whole things sounds…wet. Not water wet, more like crawling up from a swamp full of industrial runoff and mafia corpses wet. Head down, horns up, with a bucket of entrails for dinner and liver for dessert, this shit will shake some floors.

When I found this EP and also discovered a one hour and forty minute compilation of grindhouse trailers from the golden era of cinema gore. One hour and forty minutes of blood-curdling screams, film grain, flesh-colored sacks filled with gore and ketchup, boobs, monsters, zombies, flesh eating, corpse defiling and all the other kinds of milk-curdling satanic activity that got screened in dimly-lit dives and shady movie theaters of the 70/80’s.

A perfect match dreamt up by a bored demon of the nethervoid and channeled through two decades of raunchy film making and the filthy chug riffs and distortions of some unhinged musicians. If there ever was to be a soundtrack for someone having their skin dissolved in acid, then it surely would sound like the oozing, fetid monster of noise that Organ Trail conjure up.

Turn the lights down, crank your damn speakers and hold the children’s eyes open, Halloween came early this year.




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