Holy Crap. Stuff Happened.

Long weekend, then reading week.

Oh. Oh yeah.

I also got bored today and tiddled around with the look of the place. I like it, for now I guess. The menu, with links to categories and such can be found by clicking the button in the top right corner. Blogroll and archives are at the bottom of the page on the right side. Comment if you think this layout is horrible but I think it’s easier to read, which was the goal.

I do have new music in the pipeline, which is getting written about now and then rolled out in the following weeks. Solid albums all ’round.

Other than that I’ll try to get some more posts out this week, before school jumps back in and tries to steal my cookies.



4 Responses to “Holy Crap. Stuff Happened.”

  1. Fancy Dancy. Only thing I’d want to change is where the text appears when you click that little box thing. Instead of top left, top right.

  2. Not a *huge* difference in the mobile version, as those are typically already more stripped-down and easier to read, but I will agree that it seems to be an improvement for readability (if I’m not mistaken, the default text size seems a bit larger or clearer or something).

    • Yeah that was my thinking as well. Ideally I’d like something a little wider but I’m happy with this and am not paying money to just get CSS access.

      Also I kinda just got fidgety and wanted to change it.

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