Buried Treasure: NoMeansNo – Wrong

Holy fucking crap guys, I absolutely love it when stuff like this happens. A forum discussion about the credibility of Canadian music led to someone dropping the name NoMeansNo without providing any explanation. Boredom and a quick Google search on my part led to me to find out that no explanation was needed for this British Colombia-based punk rock group.

Formed in 1982, with 12 studio albums released between then and 2006, they never reached any for of major critical or commercial fame, with their most recognized album being 1989’s “Wrong”. For that reason, this was the album I started with due it’s critical acclaim and really well executed cover. Having never even heard this bands name mentioned until earlier this week, I really had no idea what the hell to expect upon my first listen.


This album is a complete sonic donkey-punch from left field. It’s insatiable waves of jazzed out math rock, put together with the tenacity and angst only a punk rock band could provide. It’s a sound I really haven’t heard before and keep in mind this album came out in ’89. By that yardstick this puppy was freakin’ years ahead of the curve in terms of the variety, quality and ferocity of instrumentation and song writing.

A classic three-piece of bass, drums and guitar/vocals, there are no slouches to be found. The mix is perfectly equal, which is echoed by the equally insane technicality across all of the instruments. I am the best kind of flabbergasted at how an album like this flew under the radar and isn’t heralded as a goddamn classic of heavy and oddball music.

Impossible time signatures clash together with jazz-funk bass lines, schizoid drumming and shrieking guitars. The vocals sound like a combination of Danzig, Rollins and Captain Beefheart and are just as well delivered as the instruments. The even better part? They came from frikkin’ CANADA, which makes my patriotic little heart just about ready to burst.

Maybe I’m just late to the party on this one but if you haven’t heard this album, GO DO IT. NOW.


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