Oh shit. It’s been 2 years

After staggering in from a wonderful weekend excursion and logging into my WordPress account, I was promptly informed that it was 2 friggin’ years ago today, that I starting puking out words into the inter-hole. That seems like a long-ass time to me, one that kinda snuck up as I was only really paying attention to how long I was in school.

Anyway, according to the numbers I’ve amassed 28,978 views, 316 comments and published 251 posts of wildly varying quality. I’m fairly proud of this, even with the massive sabbatical I took around this time last year. I don’t have any intention of stopping however, as I’m happy with the pace I’ve been keeping and will hopefully be able to keep it up into the future.

So with all that, thanks to anyone who actually reads this and I’ll probably get around to some new music later in the week.

Until then, enjoy this.


4 Responses to “Oh shit. It’s been 2 years”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for keeping it goin 2 years. You have been finding all kinds of good stuff over that time, i hope you keep at it.


  2. Congrats dude! Onward and upward!

  3. Thanks for the support guys!

  4. patti caruso Says:

    2 years of kick-ass writing and musical comment – thanks!

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