Vicious Bastards: Fredag den 13:e – Tjugohundratretton

Fredag den 13:e are a Swedish crust ‘n’ roll band who I discovered a couple years ago via their album “Under iskalla fanor” (Reviewed here). A ferocious combination of d-beat, hardcore punk and all the right tinges of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s been a record that has never left my rotation since I found it. They play real fast, real loud and real mean, a constant spray of distortion and napalm that will melt fucking bone.

I was late to the party on their newest album, “Tjugohundratretton”, which was released during the spring of last year. Another blistering collection of 13 tracks guaranteed to flip some tables. Their biggest draw has always been the potent blend of caustic waves of d-beat smooshed together with clear and strong grooves. They go real fucking fast but not so fucking fast you rupture a blood vessel. It’s the perfect kind of fast, circle pit, hair flail, stage dive, glass smash fast.

Burly and meaner than a one-eyed moose, “Tjugo” as it will now be called, sounds fucking excellent. It crunches in all the right places without loosing any of the other instruments in the onslaught. The vocals still sound like a raccoon gargling Draino, frothing these violent criminals along with no regarded for your well-being. They also hold the distinction as a band who has no qualms above singing in their native language, which is FUCKING AWESOME. MORE BANDS SHOULD DO THIS. ENGLISH IS NOT THAT COOL.


I always run into the same problem with albums like this, not having enough to write about. This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch but there is only so much you can say about music like this. It’s loud. It’s angry. It’s fast. IT WILL PROBABLY MELT YOUR FACE.

You will either be a person who stopped reading after the first paragraph or someone who appreciates sonic violence like a cheap whiskey, in large quantities with little regard for the after-effects.

I’m the latter.

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