Get Spaced: Ampacity – Encounter One

Snow’s howlin’ outside the window, everything’s frozen and miserable as all hell.

Makes me glad to burrowed inside generating warmth from equal parts wool and whiskey, keeping myself entertained with some righteous jams from a Polish band known as Ampacity. An acquisition from a recent Bandcamp haul, they are a band completely new to my ears and released what appears to be their first EP/LP during March of last year.

I say EP/LP because while it is only three songs, which suggests an EP, it has a 40 minute run time, putting it right in LP territory. Sonically they bring a well trod but flawlessly executed combination of throwback psychedelic rock with plenty of prog’ed out cosmic vibes. A mostly instrumental effort, they meld all these styles together to create some epic length jams.

Usually I’m not the biggest fan of the so-called “space rock” genre, as I find myself getting bored or misled by overly long interludes and grating synth work. However Ampacity suffer from none of these issues, as they manage to have their cosmic rays and eat them too. This is pulled off by balance equal parts of proggy tangents with some deliciously deep jams.

The album plays out as a slow mixer. The opener, “Ultima Hombre” is a relatively straightforward ripper, cascading some solid riffs with tasteful amounts of synth and organ work. It’s the fastest jam of the three and also features some of the deepest grooves in my opinion. The next track, “Asimov’s Sideburns”, is in complete contrast to its rocking predecessor, slowing things right down and crafting a cosmic soundscape in honor of its name.

“Masters of Earth” closes out the album with an equal combination of the styles on both tracks before it. A close to perfect split of the ambiance and groove that had been cultivated by its brothers and manages to stay captivating over its flipping 19 minutes run time. Deep, deep jams without getting lost in its own fuzz or veering so far off course you forget what you started listening to.

I highly enjoyed this album and can defiantly recommend it to anyone who liked this genre before or someone like me, who had their reservations.

$4 on Bandcamp, blast off below.

Ampacity Facebook

Ampacity Bandcamp


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