Whiskey + Youtube = Leningrad

I live with a bunch of really chill people. We not be very exciting but everything vibes so well I can forgive our Friday night ritual of getting drunk and watching movies or browsing Youtube. Last night was decidedly a Youtube night but it has the distinction of being the first to point me at some new music.

At some point in our evening of shuffling through videos like a deck of cards, we stumbled on a video of a group of musicians playing on a beach-front backyard. The video looks as is if it was filmed on a handheld but the quality of the musicianship hinted at something much more than amateur.

This is the video in question:

The vocal hook and brass riffs sunk themselves in brain real deep, deep enough for me to remember to track whatever the hell this was down in the morning. It took a bit of searching, mainly because I had no idea what the fuck this was called. I was eventually successful though and now know this video belongs to a very long-running Russian band called Leningrad.

They have been cranking out albums since 1999 according to Wikipedia and have become infamous not only for their infectious music but also for their exceptionally vulgar lyrics and stage presence. From what I’ve gathered they either sing about booze, sex or nonsense (The above song is about not finding a pair of shoes that fit). They don’t get radio play because of this and have all of their attempts at large shows shut down by Moscow’s mayor.

Musically they play modern big-band compositions with a really rich sound thanks to a massive ensemble of musicians. Bouncing somewhere between ska, polka and swing, their music is a lot of fun to listen to even if you have no idea what they’re saying. Vocals are either provided by a drunk homeless man or a svelte jazz singer, which provides one hell of a contrast.

I’m not even going to start diving into their discog yet, with all of 20+ albums in it. This post was more to raise some attention and share it with y’all. I included one more song and links to their wiki and Facebook below. Most of their albums are on iTunes and you can get the album “Fish” for free from their website.

Leningrad Wiki

Leningrad Facebook


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