Black Metal Blender: Myopic – Beyond the Mirror’s Edge

Evening folks.

Time for a wee cup of the black stuff to start your night off right. Myopic are a newly minted band from the Maryland area who released their debut EP, “Beyond the Mirror’s Edge” through Grimoire records on January 7th.

I don’t usually mention labels but Grimoire have a unique standing in which they not only manage and distribute their music but also record, mix and master everything in house. They’ve been building a solid stable of artists which you can check out at their Bandcamp page via the link at the bottom.

This EP was suggested to me via email and I’m quite pleased with what I found after venturing out of my inbox. They play a modern style of black/death metal with several different flairs. It should be mentioned that I really have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to these genres but I know what sounds good to my ears, which these boys sure as hell do.

What really gives them an edge for me is the mixture of different styles and approaches to black metal. The traditionally scathing waves of blast beats and frenetic guitar chords are broken apart by extended instrumentals that verge on math or post metal territory. All of the tracks feature tangents like this, diving off into different directions and providing contrast to the sections of doom, gloom and satan.

“Iron Towers” and “Backstitch” show this style the best and are their strongest tracks in my opinion. The former opens up in a traditional fashion, with layered guitar lines frothing their way along towards an extended instrumental interlude in the middle of the track. This slows things right down and lets the band jam out for a while, mixing in the other influences I mentioned earlier.

“Backstitch” is an entirely instrumental track that reeks heavily of the post/math rock reefer, with lethargic riffs that build into cathartic crescendos later on. It also features a really sick and really surprising outro that brings a little funk into the kvlt.

I’m quite stoked on this release and am definitely looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table with a full-length. You can pick up “Beyond the Mirror’s Edge” for $4 on Bandcamp and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh blood in this corner of the kingdom.

Myopic Facebook

Myopic Bandcamp

Grimoire Records Bandcamp


2 Responses to “Black Metal Blender: Myopic – Beyond the Mirror’s Edge”

  1. Good stuff, I also got an email about this and have been listening for awhile. Planning to write about it very soon.

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