Blood, Sweat, Death: Obliterations – The Hole


Ever since NCS pointed me at this newly minted group of shitkickers and their debut EP (mentioned here) I have been waiting expectantly for their newest collection of split lips and ruptured eardrums to hit the interwebs. Last night I got my wish with the release of “The Hole”, 4 new tracks that fall right into the filth left by their S/T.

For those who haven’t given them a spin yet, Obliterations craft – er, smash together a brutal combination of early hardcore punk and metal, delivered fast, loose and fucked. Their debut was a major splash in the waters, with very few bands bringing this much ferocity and vitriol to their music and still creating something that makes you want to bang yer fuckin’ head.

If anything “The Hole” is more aggressive than their S/T, stomping down on your throat with “Pay to Live” and keeping up the pressure for the rest of the 8 minute run time. Cut down and vicious shitrippers that are going to leave some dents in the drywall and more than a few fractured skulls in their wake. It’s dim lights, torn denim, matted hair and blood-flecked screams kinda night.

The title track opens with some more of that early Sabbathian flavour established on their debut, only to get crushed right back into frothing waves of acidic d-beat halfway through. It feels so goddamn good to hear a band crank something out with edges this ragged and a dedication to violence sadly lacking in punk. “The Hole” is a mean motherfucker with the sole intention of beating your skull against the pavement until you fight back or stop squirming.

There is a very short list of bands that actual light a fire under my ass and make me want to punch a goddamn wall while screaming bitter obscenities at the world. Obliterations has cemented themselves a position at the top. The best part? They just signed a deal with Southern Lord to start recording a full length in March, jumping them way up my “ohboyohboyohboy” list for 2014.

“The Hole” is $4 on Bandcamp. Get fucked below.

Obliterations Facebook

Obliterations Bandcamp


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