Spreading the Word: El Drugstore – Plague Ship

I originally wasn’t going to post anything about this release as it had been getting plenty of attention already. It wasn’t until my like, fifth spin, that I decided I should probably write something because THESE GUYS ARE REALLY FUCKING GOOD.


All credit goes to an NCS guest post by Austin Weber (found here) who was the first person to expose to the calculated ferocity being pumped out by this trio. El Drugstore is an instrumental band comprised of members from East of the Wall and a bassist who is equally as talented. Genre-wise they stick their necks out in some new territory, with something that resembles a cross between noise, math, technical death metal, jazz and just fucking gonzo insanity.

Overwhelming waves of criss-crossing guitar, bass and drum lines all being churned out at nothing that even resembles a traditional song structure. Speed, dizzying technicality and a complete devotion to being as off-kilter as possible are their trademarks in the making. Stylistically they skirt the line of noise rock and mathcore but musically they have much more akin to what you would hear coming off a tech-death record.

There is no weak link here, all three of these guys SHRED not just their chosen instruments but also your weak little brain. It’s a case of click play, sit the fuck down and pay attention for the next ~50 minutes. No breathing room, no respite, just some of the best heavy music you’ll hear all month. Mixing is just as perfectly matched, with every instrument coming through clear and distinct. Everyone gets the spotlight.

The defining feature however, is the fact this album still retains something resembling accessibility to it. Each song is an unrelentingly complex assault on your ears but without ever reaching the overwhelming, raw terror, melt-your-eyes insanity of something like Shining‘s “Blackjazz”. There is an undercurrent of groove that ties the whole damn thing together, which facilitates the silly amount of play time I’ve been giving this record.

The one an only complaint I can muster is that this album is not on Bandcamp. However that is a minor quibble when you can go stream and purchase the album at the links provided below. Which you should do. Yesterday.

El Drugstore Facebook

El Drugstore – Plague Ship on Nefarious Industries 


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