Yuletide Yard Sale: Obliterations, Future of the Left and Sandrider


Music I heard over Christmas. Not that unholy bastardization of sound that people call “holiday music”. I’m just going to give a brief little shot about each of these albums. They all came out this year and they all RIP.

Future of the Left – How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident

I had seen this album getting a bunch of hype through some of the bigger outlets and watched TheNeedleDrop’s review before I finally had my interested piqued enough to go check it out. However I should have jumped on this shit straight away as this is such a friggin’ cool album. Future of the Left are a hallowed alt/noise-rock band from Wales and “How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident” is their fourth and newest release.

Twitching slabs of distorted guitars, grating basslines and buckets of pop-rock infectiousness are the core of the schizophrenia that makes up this album. Jittery and twitching guitar leads are contrasted with almost spoken-word nonsensical lyrics and a heavily distorted low end. It is an album that will almost certainly grab your attention and put a happy, but slightly disturbed, grin on your face.

Sandrider – Godhead

This album made me kick myself pretty hard, as I had skipped over it many times while browsing Bandcamp. For whatever reason I never decided to give these guys a listen and discover the righteous riffage that was lurking behind the eyes of that beast. They play that big-balled, groove-centric stoner metal that all the kids seem to like these days (myself included) and they play it fucking well.

Loud, mean and chock full of grizzly bear burl, it’s heavy riffin’, hair flying boot stomp metal, the kind of music that would just as soon be your company pounding beers or making clouds. They definitely stick towards the fast and thrash side, with only a couple of tracks delving into deeper and more distorted territory. Crank loud and get a kink in your neck, that much is for sure.

Sandrider Bandcamp

Sandrider Facebook

Obliterations – S/T

This album was brought to my attention by Islander from NoCleanSinging and has made this band quickly top my “most anticipated for 2014” list. Scathing waves of metallic hardcore, Black Sabbath brought to you by Black Flag and crammed down your throat soon after. All the boxes are checked, from the buzzsawed guitar riffs, fuckin’ grimy production and the frothing undercurrent of aggression that highlights the whole thing. If any album on this list was going to make you start a fight in the mall, it’s this one.

There will be a new EP from these guys dropping in January. It’ll be on here immediately after.

Obliteration Bandcamp

Obliterations Facebook


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