Curtains. Time for a bonfire

Last night was our final Christmas dinner, signifying the end to yet another holiday season with a sink full of dirty dishes and bountifully overstuffed bellies. I’m not gonna lie, this was an exceptionally excellent holiday season for reasons that don’t have a goddamn thing to do with Christmas. Now all I need is my marks to see how fucked I am.

Musically I’ve cranked through several albums in the last week and half. Two of those albums I’ve already written reviews for and published (Major Kong and Last Fair Deal). The other three are some real fuckin’ choice cuts, so I’ll post those as a rapid fire later today.

In other random news:

– I kicked off the holidays with a show from The Flatliners and it was hands down the most fun I’ve had since Kvelertak. Endless drunk stage dives from the band and crowd and a stupid amount of energy that is rarely present at any metal show. Some dad even brought his kid out for his first punk rock show. Good times all ’round.

– I was lucky enough to have my year end list posted over at NoCleanSinging, where they are in the midst of their annual ListMania series. Head on over to check out my choices for the top 15 albums along with the best riff, chorus and solo.

And of course, a song or two to close things out.


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