Refreshments: Last Fair Deal – Once

Good evening ladies and gents. Have some real solid blues rock from a couple of folks that call Spain their home. The band is Last Fair Deal and the album is “Once”, released on the 16th of this month. I found these guys through my recent Bandcamp trawl and was immediately impressed by the quality and clarity of their riff-driven rawk ‘n’ roll.

A distillation of the many forms of blues and classic rock, Last Fair Deal crank out quite a tasty sound for just having three members. Guitar, bass and drums are all on point, with nary a stumble or weak fill in sight. Even one of the major weak points for smaller bands, vocals, are well taken care of with a style that falls somewhere between a snarl and a hollar. Lastly the production and recording quality is also spot on, highlighting all the choice parts and keeping everything in balance (You can hear the bass – fuck yeah).

Riffs and songwriting are arguably the two most important factors in any rock band and these guys manage to check both boxes with some original but still instantly comfortable classics. The guitar work is heavily tinted with that southern blues flair, lots of twang and finger-pickin’ goodness to be found across the 11 tracks. They manage to hit the sweet spot with plenty of Skynardisms  and tasteful blues homages.

They really hit their stride with the more rip-roarin’ tracks, throwing healthy amounts of swagger into their grooves. The one-two punch of the openers “Once” and “Nobody” really sets thing off on the right pace with a hefty kick to the ass. The bass and drum section holds some tight rhythms, giving the guitar plenty of time to lay down some sick highlights, because really, you’re coming to blues rock to here some good ol’ fashioned geeeee-tar.

And geeeeee-tar these guys have in spades, with pretty much every track delving into a substantial bit of careening guitar chords and plucked out blues solos. “Miles” is a perfect example of this, with the compulsory rock intro getting tossed aside for the real fun to being about halfway through the track. The standout favorite for me is “Down Below” that hits that perfect blues rock stomp, with some of the best riffin’ and hollarin’ on the album.

I don’t really dig the slower tracks and in general the songs could be just a teensy bit shorter and more concise, but overall this is a righteous little album, well worth giving the executive tour through your ear holes. Modern blues rock done right, with no frills or bullshit, just some Grade-A steaks and a glowing charcoal grill.

PS: If the band decides to read this; Guys, Spanish is a wicked sounding language, sing that shit proud. Sure English is great and all but it’s fucking magical hearing some foreign flare in rock ‘n’ roll.

Last Fair Deal Facebook

Last Fair Deal Bandcamp


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