Thrashin’ Fuzz: Major Kong – Doom Machine

Christmas Holidays, rippin’ tunes. Feeling good man.

Major Kong are a Polish sludge band who’s previous release, “Doom for the Black Sun” I reviewed last year. While slightly unremarkable in some places, “Black Sun” had plenty of character in its movie samples and enough monolithic groove to power a freighter. Now this coming January we will get a new release, “Doom Machine”, which I can testify is more than a worthy follow up to its foundation-quaking predecessor.

After settling into the couch and clicking play, the first difference that grabbed my noggin’ was the righteous drop in sound quality. Now I don’t mean this in a negative sense at all, on the contrary it’s one of the best parts of this new release. “Doom for the Black Sun” sounded crisp and just a little bit too clean. “Doom Machine” sounds like an album that went for a swim through a dumpster of ash, dirt and bong resin, rising from the garbage like some kind of disgusting phoenix.

This fresh layer of filth serves as a damn near perfect highlight to their style of riffing. Right from the get-go, the titular “Doom Machine” just fuckin’ hammers on in with a perfect sample preceding … DAT RIFF. Neck-snapping, greasy hair-flailing, heads up, horns down, burly grizzly bear riffs. Major Kong play heavily to the Sabbathian side of the scale, injecting rock ‘n’ roll and healthy dash of psychedelica to keep things interesting.

Another major highlight of their previous work, the tasty psychedelic guitar doodles, find themselves in good form on “Doom Machine”, with every track packing at least one sleazed-up tidbit. When you choose to make this genre your home, the quality of riff needs to be the most important factor – something these guys have not forgotten. Each main riff is an earworm in its own right, nestling into your brain tissue and planting eggs deep in your spinal column.

Avilable for streaming right now is “Tractor Beam” and “Voidwagon”. The former is a classic sludge track, dragging its riff along at a turgid paste, a real meaty bastard that is sure to shake a little plaster loose. The later is easily my favorite track, opening up with a sick little drum fill, only to get right down to business with a greasy solo and double-time riffs that keep your neck locked into motion.

Bottom line – I really dig this release. Dirt-nasty fuzz, hashed out solo work and a multitude of ear-tickling riffs, “Doom Machine” is a standout album. They have manage to cultivate an atmosphere of doom-basted evil, while still keeping your head locked into a solid groove. It will be available for purchase from Bandcamp on January 20th, a date worth marking on the calender.

Major Kong Facebook

Major Kong Bandcamp


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