Delightfully Weird: New Apple Taste – Abuseum

I sat down last night and realized I didn’t have any new music to write about. I had been cruising along for a while just catching up on all of the stuff that had been accumulating in my library. So now that I’m all caught it up, it was time to drag the net out and go Bandcamp trawling once again. Luckily my first haul had plenty of solid jams which I’ll be writing about during the holidays.

Starting us off is an wonderfully odd combination of jazz, rap and funk that goes by the name New Apple Taste. A Montreal based group of several musicians and two MC’s, they released their second album, “Abuseum”, during September of this year. This is a fairly unusual hybrid, with the rhymes being backed by fancy jazz and funk sounds as opposed to syncopated beats or guitars.

It’s a combination that initially gave me pause, as I really wasn’t sure what to expect from my speakers. However I was more than pleased when I realized the amount of polish, performance and panache put into this collection of 14 tracks. They manage to strike an elegant balance between the vocal and instrumental delivery, carefully blending ear-pleasing grooves with equally matched rapping.

Now I don’t know shit about the intricacies of jazz and I have pretty loose standards for rapping, so I’m not the best authority to talk technically on a band like this. Just on just sheer enjoyment factor however, “Abuseum” is pretty damn stellar, a gratifying listen from open to close. Everything plays well together, with the vocals falling into perfect step with the intricate rhythms. Neither one overpowers or steals the spotlight from another, always doing their level best to keep your head a’nodding.

Bands like this make just a little bit excited for the future of music. As much as I love the tried and true classics it is always nice to find a group of people who are pushing and playing with modern to music to see what they can come up with. In the case of New Apple Taste they know exactly what the hell they are doing and it will be exciting to see what they spawn in the future.

New Apple Taste Facebook

New Apple Taste Bandcamp


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