Psych Throwback: King Buffalo – Demo

Next up we gots us a demo from a Rochester-based band, formed out of the ashes of Velvet Elvis (reviewed here). The band is King Buffalo and their freshly released 3-track demo is a very promising collection of psychedelically-basted blues rock. Their sound echoes what was going on in Velvet Elvis with some fresh flavor courtesy of two members from Abandoned Buildings Club, which is a new name to my ears.

This short demo gives you an excellent peek into what will be filling up their forthcoming full-length, due out sometime next year. Spaced-out rivers of fuzz, floated along with a kind of ethereal vibe, something only amplified by the slow and echoed vocals. Eerie and sinuating, with a rock-steady rhythm section providing the foundation for the band to stuff in plenty of psychedelic elements.

The solo on “In Dim Light” is exceptionally tasty and weird, a jittery and pulsating affair, making the guitar almost sound like a skipping record. It’s elements like this that show their heavy psychedelic bent, aiming you at an evening of blacklights, drawn curtains and a smoke-filled room. This is very relaxed music, with nary a sharp edge or aggressive tone in sight.

“Providence Eye” is the heavy hitter of the 3, clocking in just over 11 minutes. While it can be hard for a band to keep your attention over a song this long, King Buffalo does a damn fine job, working ambient and moody lulls into a contrasting, heavier, chorus. It also has some of the best guitar noodling on this demo, breaking into a mighty pleasing solo right around the halfway mark.

All in all this is a righteous collection of tracks, especially for a first demo. Even the sound quality is quite good, with all of the songs having a fuzzy feel that lends quite while to the music. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can crank out for a full-length and they are definitely one to keep an eye on.

King Buffalo Bandcamp

King Buffalo Facebook


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