Flank Steak: Naked Brown – Not So Bad

With enough free time to look at emails and a strong enough desire to avoid studying, let’s crank out some album highlights shall we?

Naked Brown are a Polish hard rock band who’s 2012 debut I reviewed right here. This November saw them follow up that album with the release of “Not So Bad”, which stays true to their commitment of straight-laced traditional hard rock. A meat and potatoes band through and through, it’s 7 tracks of beer-guzzling bar background music to keep your night moving.

Getting right down to business with “The King is Back”, a heavy stompin’ tune that sets the mood and lays down a couple tasty licks in the process. This is textbook rocking, as comfortable as your favorite jeans and probably just as sleazy. One defining feature that remains intact is the odd vocals, a unique trademark that lies somewhere between a bark, howl and holler.

The key for an album like this, where innovation or boundary-pushing are not even considered, is to write some damn good riffs and back those riffs up with some damn good production and playing. Luckily Naked Brown have all of these in their back pocket, with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of solid noggin’ shakers cranked out loud and crystal clear.

All of their songs have at least one riff that will make you smile, with the titular “Not So Bad” packing one of the best of the bunch in my opinion. This combination of quality riffage and ability to lay down some solid grooves make Naked Brown one of the better bands to be stomping around this corner of the music world. That is the corner of the world directly related to spiritual worship of AC/DC.

This isn’t an album for those with fancy tastes. This is an album for someone who is confused by skinny jeans, has a drawer full of black t-shirts and feels at least slightly aroused when they see a burnout in a Camaro. It’s also an album that probably sounds a thousand times better live, or least as loud as your speakers can go. Get your loud rawkin’ fury down below.

Naked Brown Facebook

Naked Brown Bandcamp


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