Creek, river, swamp, stream: Russian Circles and Whores

Fuck me. I actually have to work this week.


Russian Circles. Fucking excellent post-rock/metal band from Chicago. Eerie, sprawling soundscapes wage a continuous war with a sledgehammer of a groove section. The usual guitar/bass/drum formula is broken up this time around with some tracks featuring haunting vocals from Chelsea Wolfe. “Memorial” will be their fifth album and is scheduled for release on October 29th. I’ll give you my full impression then but for now get streaming below.


Whores are a bunch of evil motherfuckers from Atlanta. Their debut EP, “Ruiner”, came out in fucking 2011. So two years later we get to hear the sequel to what was one of the better noise rock releases in recent memory. Does it live up to the hype? Of course it damn well does. Head high, fist in the air punk rock played with the distortion at eleven. Blood stains, broken teeth and fractured wrists. “Clean” will be released October 29th. Listen below.




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