It rubs the lotion on its skin: 30,000 Monkies – Somewhere Over The Painbow

Study? Review new music? Study?

Review new music.

Fresh on the heels of my post about their album stream, 30,000 Monkies released their second EP, “Somewhere Over The Painbow”, last Friday. Why should you care? Because the tunes are righteous and some faceless guy on the internet told you to. So there.

These Belgians have  been establishing their own dimly lit basement of weird and “Painbow” continues this fine tradition of songs that are as disturbed as they are catchy. This isn’t a Primitive Man kind of disturbed, this is little Timmy disturbed, the boy who always played with roadkill and whose gaze you can never meet because you just feel like he’s trying to figure out the best way to see what colour your insides are.

A more abrasive guitar tone and some heavier hitting riffs step up their presence from “Womb Eater, Wife Beater”, and the inclusion of plenty more asylum-hallway vocals show a band that is still sorting out the fine details but seems to have a damn good idea of where they are going to dump the bodies.

The album layout is familiar territory, with the first three tracks grumbling and rumbling their way through your head in a straightforward fashion. Then things get strange once the 13 minute closer, “Batteram”, revolves its head around backwards to stare you dead in the eyes.

Even with such a small catalog, “Batteram” is probably my favorite track to be spawned by these guys. It’s all spine-tingling vibes and masochistic riffs hammering along at whatever pace is going to give it the most satisfaction. Opening with an eerie, yet cheerful, vocal/organ intro, you just start to think little Timmy is coming around, maybe he just a normal kid after all, maybe all his art projects of vomiting Play-Doh corpses weren’t a warning sign after all.

Then you wake up tied to your desk with a six year old about to play doctor with a sharpened ruler and your torso.

30,000 Monkies Facebook

30,000 Monkies Bandcamp




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